I’m Scared of What Will Happen Next – Short Story Teaser

  PREFACE:┬áThis is a short story I conceptualized and started working on a few months ago. I've stepped away from it and put it on hold for the time being. I'm still planning to revisit the idea at a later time, but thought that the best thing to do at this point would be to … Continue reading I’m Scared of What Will Happen Next – Short Story Teaser


Creative Writing Session #1

Hello there, I'm K from K at the Movies and I wanted to do something different. I'm typically one to review creative shows or movies but sometimes I like to get creative as well. So I decided to take a few creative writing prompts and take the day to just have fun and try to … Continue reading Creative Writing Session #1

I TRIGGERED! Microsoft Word

Oh Microsoft Word, the royal persons of passive-aggressively correcting spelling and grammar mistakes. We was writing something, and then when we went back to go edit it and we found the squiggly red line indicating an error. Inclusive Language? Consider using gender-neutral language? We could not fudging believe it. We are sorry but it is … Continue reading I TRIGGERED! Microsoft Word

Get More Movie Reviews and Recommendations!

  Hey, have you ever been reading an article of mine and wish I would just shut-up! Do you wish you could have a better understanding of my movie tastes and what I would recommend you seeing in a quick and easily digestible format now you can. I am know on Letterboxd an app and … Continue reading Get More Movie Reviews and Recommendations!

10 Examples of Why The ‘Wish Upon’ Script is an Abomination

Wish Upon (2017) sucks. It's obviously uninspired and brutal to sit through. If you like cheap horror semantics, formula plots/cinematography/editing, and overall blandness then go knock yourself out. Yet, this movie lives in this bizarre world of completely not understanding youth culture... or I think just humans in general. It is one of the most … Continue reading 10 Examples of Why The ‘Wish Upon’ Script is an Abomination

Murder by Necessity pt.1

Preface: Murder by Necessity is a draft of script for practice purposes. It is the telling and dramatized story of The William Brown a ship during the 1840's which tragedy struck. With impending doom, and the survival of others in your hands what moral sacrifice can be condoned as "for the greater good". Below will … Continue reading Murder by Necessity pt.1

5 Things I Learned from 2017 on WordPress

Hey everyone, hope you're all having a happy new year. 2017 was... interesting but now it's time to usher in the collective shared optimism that we can make 2018 Great....again? That said 2017 was the year that K at the Movies all started and I'm sure that I'll bury or burn the questionable quality content … Continue reading 5 Things I Learned from 2017 on WordPress