The One Thing We Don’t Want to Admit About Avengers: Infinity War (Review)

Infinity: The Marvel War was a grand spectacle, ten years in the making, could a film ever live up to the hype of the masses? I’m going to be honest with you dear reader, why are you here? It’s not like everyone else on the planet is voicing their opinion on this movie and as... Continue Reading →


Travel Guide to the Netflix Original Series ‘The Chalet’

In search of a good television I came across the Netflix Original Series The Chalet. A horror mystery spanning 6 hour long episodes about a group of friends traveling back to a remote Chalet in the mountains and uncovering that there might be something dark at play seemed intriguing enough or a possible dumpster fire... Continue Reading →

Quick Review: Jurassic School

When I started writing this summer I promised to force myself to make some sort of review on every movie I sit down and watch and boy is this a hard one. Jurassic School  is to put it simple an awful movie.  Something about the opening credits being in Comic Sans tells you all you... Continue Reading →

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