No Sleep After Watching ‘Sleepaway Camp’ (Review)

Dear Mom and Dad, I know this seems to go against my claims that we will no longer be on speaking terms if you sent me here, but I am only writing this because one of the counselors chewed me out over it. I’m glad something got chewed around here because the food surely isn’t. … Continue reading No Sleep After Watching ‘Sleepaway Camp’ (Review)


Now This is Scary?

When I think of a truly terrifying movie watching experience, I think of The Babyface Murders. While other films have gratuitous jump scares, unsettling imagery, and frightful atmospheric tension.... well all of that is Teletubbies compared to The Babyface Murders. What makes this movie so scary you may ask? Quite Frankly, I did not know … Continue reading Now This is Scary?

Is ‘Hereditary’ Oscar Worthy?

A little late but I've finally gotten around to watching the most compelling horror film of 2018, Hereditary. Hereditary is held together by strong performances from Toni Collette and first time feature director Ari Aster shows an impressive willingness to explore his medium and craft as a filmmaker. So with a seemingly weaker year in … Continue reading Is ‘Hereditary’ Oscar Worthy?

Horror – 31 SPOOKS of October

Thanks to Mike for letting me take this one, I guess I got to be funny to get that laugh energy. So… What’s the deal with the title of this short? I mean could you be any lazier, hope you didn’t stare at “untitled horror project” for too long before this eureka moment. I think … Continue reading Horror – 31 SPOOKS of October

Waiting – 31 SPOOKS of October

Today’s new addition to the spook library brings us all the way to Ireland to appreciate the work of Emlyn Boyle. Waiting is the follow up to Boyle’s YouTube hit short animation One Winter’s Night and played at the 2013 Belfast Film Festival. Boyle is an experimental artist that dabbles in multiple mediums, but I’d … Continue reading Waiting – 31 SPOOKS of October

The Umbrella Factory – 31 SPOOKS of October

Stories like Beauty and the Beast emphasizes this point to be kind to strangers, that if a beggar approaches your door you should be charitable and offer them some of your spoils. What they never teach you in this type of stories though is that there’s a difference between blatantly being a jerk and the … Continue reading The Umbrella Factory – 31 SPOOKS of October

Mina and the Count – 31 SPOOKS of October

Mina and the Count is the short on the list that most resembles an actual cartoon series animation. This is because Mina and the Count was a short running 6 mini-episode series that was a part of collective cartoon pilot showcase shows: Cartoon Network’s What A Cartoon! Show and Nickelodeon's Oh Yeah! Cartoons. The 1995 … Continue reading Mina and the Count – 31 SPOOKS of October