‘Velvet Buzzsaw’ What Exactly Am I Looking At?

“I can’t save you”- Hoboman After watching a film as dense and awkwardly presented as Velvet Buzzsaw one might hope that a self-proclaimed critic such as myself can clarify the film in some regards or possibly legitimize your feelings of disdain or satisfaction. However, in this case I have to refrain and admit to you […]

Doki Doki Gambling Club? What the Hell is Kakegurui?

Should I be embarrassed that I watched this? Nothing against anime, but watch the end credits, or the opening credits, or two minutes of this and you might question what you’re doing. I’ve been in a show hole and haven’t wanted to watch anything that I needed something bizarre to get me out of it […]

This Film Will Do to Domestic Housewives What Jaws did to the Ocean!

Did that cheap overused marketing tactic grab your attention, good because we have a weird one today. That title is also a tactical marketing decision because I don’t what to say Bitch (2017) review, it’s not very inviting. I mean you hear the title Bitch and you kind of think… that’s not very progressive. Then you […]

Remember the Classics: Paramount Serves its Perfect Dish in ‘Duck Soup’

A film comes together similar to a main dish, a mix of ingredients following a recipe established by the kitchen. For a film, that kitchen that controls the ingredients and creates the recipes that distinguished the dish from another kitchen is the production studio. Classic Hollywood’s Big Five studios ( Warner Bros., Paramount, Universal, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, […]

The Perfect Minions Movie Doesn’t Exi-

The Minions are the beloved mascots of the Illumination Entertainment and a continuing global phenomenon. Introduced in the first Installment of the Despicable Me Franchise had the adorable yellow creature assisting Gru, a Steve Carrell voiced character as he transitions from a treacherous villain to heroic good doer and father figure. The minions started as adorable comic […]

YouTube Communities Coming Together to put on Heathers: The (Online) Musical: And You can be a Part of it.

YouTube homes the largest video streaming website and has become a vast sea of various personalities, content, and creators. Those unfamiliar with the site might judge it on the surface as being the host of funny cat videos, extreme pranks, or other sensational viral videos. While this content is there, YouTube has evolved to include […]

3 Film/Franchise Ideas That Hollywood Should Look Into

It seems that Hollywood is willing to turn anything into a film/franchise these days. With questionably bizarre films such as The Emoji Movie truly mystifying film viewers on how this got made. It has almost gotten to the point where almost any recognizable brand has a chance of becoming a film these days. With that […]