Zero – 31 SPOOKS of October

I need a zero! I’m holding out for a zero at the end of the ni-ght! Welcome to Zero, not going to  waste too much time introducing the creators of the short because if you’ve been following along Zealous Creative was featured before and I talked about all there works when I talked about the […]

A Vampire’s Crush – 31 SPOOKS of October

K what you’re doing is cool and all but I just don’t like handling the spooks, I don’t like spoopy things I like cute things do you have anything for me. Yes, in fact today’s spook will have you dead from extreme cuteness. This is more on the level of storytime animator on YouTube but […]

The Witch’s Heart – 31 SPOOKS of October

Witches are spoopy, but not so much in this short. I’m sorry to the animators in this short that was not nominated for one of the 30 shorts showcased in the Thailand Animator Festival 4… at least as some sort of consolation welcome to the K at the Movies 31 Spooks of October. One Youtube […]

The Bliss of Tranquility, ‘Just Because’ Anime Review

Apparently on my anime kick, I decided to sit down and watch the Tokyo MX produced, Sentai Filmworks distributed series Just Because. This series is hard for me to review because man did it fuck me up, but at the same time boy is it also incredibly ‘not good’ in some regards. Don’t get me […]

Netflix Finally Did It! ‘set it up’ is the First Decent Original Movie!

  Netflix did it, maybe my standards have slowly been chipped away but Netflix finally made a “good” movie. In fairness, I haven’t seen every Netflix film, and I’ve missed some recent ones in Kissing Booth (no thank you) and Alex Strangelove or how I Learned to Stop Worry and Love a Guy. Netflix always […]

A Small Comedy Impresses in ‘The Big Sick’

The Modern movie-making climate largely revolves around spectacle. With advancements in SFX the ability to generate grander than life visuals to captivate the masses. The Great Train Robbery (Porter, 1903) and a Trip to the Moon (Milies, 1902) are exemplary of how the moving picture has always been about creating some sort of enticement to […]

It’s Complicated “That Night at the Desca” A Short Script by K.

{So… something a little different this time. I went on small road trip and took the time to try an attempt some script writing. I didn’t preconceive this script at all I just kind of had nothing better to do, thought of a location and started rolling with it. As for screenplay formatting it’s not […]