KyoAni Girls Tier List

By: Kat Wyatt Hello, it's me the intern again. K said "I'm extremely busy, and kind of suffering from writers block at the worst time. Please, work you're magic and stir up some click-bait gimmick to draw people in. You know what, I heard tier lists are a good way to drum up engagement because … Continue reading KyoAni Girls Tier List

Scooby Doo Films Tier List

So this might come off as a shock to people but... I'm a Doo kid! I grew up watching... a lot of Scooby. I had a bunch of toys, board games, I had a fold-able mystery machine tent, and my earliest memories on the internet was playing Scooby Doo flash games. Therefore since I've seen … Continue reading Scooby Doo Films Tier List

Every Episode of “Boss Baby: Back in Business” Ranked

Hello, I'm K and I hate myself. So with that in mind I decided to watch the entire first season of Boss Baby: Back in Business. Dreamworks' Boss Baby is everyone's favorite movie... I think and after the outrage followings it's loss at the Oscars for Best Animated feature to Coco it only made sense for … Continue reading Every Episode of “Boss Baby: Back in Business” Ranked