I’m Looking For the Worst Anime OPs Ever!

I love openings, whether it's for TV series, animation, and especially anime. There's something just so satisfying to jamming out or appreciating awesome visuals that just get you hype to watch another episode. However, sometimes there's a good reason the skip intro button on Netflix exists. Well I'm sure anime fans are no stranger to … Continue reading I’m Looking For the Worst Anime OPs Ever!

Always After-School: K-ON! Review

So after watching Toradora, a very melodramatic romantic comedy, it only seems fitting that I would follow it up with the exact opposite. Also fun fact in between watching K-ON! I decided to watch Synecdoche, New York which is a film about existential dread (safe to say emotionally I've been all over the place with … Continue reading Always After-School: K-ON! Review