I Got Fired from the Job I Never Had! (Kinda Clickbait)

Good evening movie goers, how are all of you readers doing? I’m glad to hear it, so I’ve just been informed that I will no longer be able to post my articles on the Freelancer site Creators.Co and my business relations with them will soon be terminated. The interesting thing about this was that apparently, […]

Guess What’s Coming in August? All Films Being Released This Month

The month of August is going to be… a really interesting month in terms of movies. This is the second time I’ve stepped up to the plate to address movies coming soon as I did so for multiple films in the month of July. It was a fun topic to cover, in the first installment I […]

Childish Gambino All Grown Up: Donald Glover Plans to Retire His Rapper Persona

Donald Glover can easily be considered a modern-day Renaissance man, the man’s claim to fame was earned through his many talented abilities that include: actor, writer, producer, comedian, and on the music side being considered a talented rapper, singer, and songwriter. It’s been almost a decade since he decided to put his name into the […]

First Date From Hell! She Texted During the Movie!! (Gasp)

I want to start off by saying I love movies, I wouldn’t be here talking so much about them if I didn’t but I would say this isn’t were you take a first date on the movies. There’s something about going to a dark room where you don’t acknowledge each other doesn’t sit well with […]

Cara Delevingne is bald, but why?

Cara Delevingne is bald, but why? Seen at the Met Gala covered in the silver spray from Mad Max Fury Road revealed her new look for her next acting role in Life in a Year. The head shave is to play a dying cancer patient whose boyfriend is trying to fit an entire life in […]