Mina and the Count – 31 SPOOKS of October

Mina and the Count is the short on the list that most resembles an actual cartoon series animation. This is because Mina and the Count was a short running 6 mini-episode series that was a part of collective cartoon pilot showcase shows: Cartoon Network’s What A Cartoon! Show and Nickelodeon’s Oh Yeah! Cartoons. The 1995 […]

Netflix You Suck! I’m Going To Miss You User Reviews

If you haven’t heard the news, Netflix is removing user reviews from it’s site and I’m Grr… angry about it. No more stars and no more comments on the movie and I for one am going to miss it. There are numerous reviews on my site in which I checked the user reviews to get […]

Friend Request (Review)

Friend Request follows the journey of me, trying to sit through a movie I regret watching. I thought this movie might be a fun laugh given that it is the dumb Facebook horror movie but it’s just not worth sitting through. I would say Bedeviled was had fun with itself, I’d even say Satanic was at […]

Wreck-It-Ralph 2 trailer and the Disney Double Standard.

I don’t get it. Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It-Ralph 2 trailer released and it seems pretty well-received. Let’s be honest. It’s not much different than the critically beloved The Emoji Movie. So why do as critics we find that something like The Emoji Movie which takes place inside our phones get deemed a shameless pandering […]

Svza Hyapjsl: UMS Wshfvmm Wylkpjapvuz (Jpwoly)

The NFC has shaped up to be dramatically transformed from what the state of the Conference was at last season. Key injuries to Aaron Rodgers and Richard Sherman helped bring the changing of the guard, as the new faces of the league stepped up this year. Only last year’s NFC Champions the Atlanta Falcons make […]

5 Things I Learned from 2017 on WordPress

Hey everyone, hope you’re all having a happy new year. 2017 was… interesting but now it’s time to usher in the collective shared optimism that we can make 2018 Great….again? That said 2017 was the year that K at the Movies all started and I’m sure that I’ll bury or burn the questionable quality content […]

Thoughts on ‘Cat Person’, The Trending Viral Short Story

Cat Person is a viral short story narrative by Kristen Roupenian published by The New Yorker.  The short story can be read here which includes an audio copy narrated by Roupenian herself. Cat Person began trending on Twitter and has erupted numerous responses. I thought who better to discuss this viral story than me “Kat” […]

Fake News!

“Fake News” is everywhere. While it should be uncontested that “Fake News” does surely exist, what it is exactly is a little harder to answer. The thing about “Fake News” is that it is completely arbitrary and lacks a true definitive definition. Is it the Collins English Dictionary definition of: “False, often sensational, information disseminated […]

What to Review Next? Amazing Followers Help Me Please.

Hi everybody, K here. Thanks for stopping by, as I’ve been adjusting to a new schedule I haven’t been posting as much. That said, I’ve seen some pretty interesting things of late and can’t wait to share some of my thoughts or create content on them. I don’t really do this because I consider myself […]

Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?!? An Update Especially For The Followers.

How long where you all going to keep it going? I’m not mad but I’m certainly disappointed. For anyone confused let me explain, When I first joined WordPress I wasn’t in for the bells and whistles of making my blog look pretty. It should come to no surprise that I’m on the free version, but […]

YouTube Communities Coming Together to put on Heathers: The (Online) Musical: And You can be a Part of it.

YouTube homes the largest video streaming website and has become a vast sea of various personalities, content, and creators. Those unfamiliar with the site might judge it on the surface as being the host of funny cat videos, extreme pranks, or other sensational viral videos. While this content is there, YouTube has evolved to include […]