Spooky Shorts of the Boxleitner Brothers

Welcome back to another spook, this time something a little different. Usually it's just one spooky short, or a collection centered around a common theme or element. This time the underlying work all share the same author. Here are some of the delightfully spooky works of the Boxleitner Brothers a YouTube channel of more than … Continue reading Spooky Shorts of the Boxleitner Brothers

Alexia – A Facebook Horror

Fair Warning, even I find this one very creepy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sV8UnfFmD-Y&t=11s Directed by Andrés Borghi Just a glimpse of the thumbnail while give you the pretty clear impression that this horror short has been highly touted. I'm not here to disagree with that consensus. This is one of few shorts that held me in nail-biting suspense, … Continue reading Alexia – A Facebook Horror

Become Friends With ‘Wendy’ (ALTER) – 31 Spooks

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9GlIfJ_2Dg This one does kind of feel like a Halloween special. A neglected and impoverished Wendy creates a world filled with her whimsical imagination. What a world that is until insecurity and anxiety begin to loom. Wendy might be a witch with an over-active mind or this is just a deep set departure from reality … Continue reading Become Friends With ‘Wendy’ (ALTER) – 31 Spooks

Obituary: A Grave Beginning – 31 SPOOKS of October

Today, we communicate with the spirits… well not as much as June Crocker. June is a girl who’s been home or better yet grave-schooled, after tragedy strikes, June is raised by her foster ghosts. Michael and Zachary Barryte co-direct this delightfully charming series pilot found on Belated Media that is sure to have you dying … Continue reading Obituary: A Grave Beginning – 31 SPOOKS of October