When One Episode Turns Good to Great : Kotoura-San Episode Review

Today we are doing another episode review, taking a deeper look at why my favorite episode of Kotoura-San is in my opinion an execeptional work of storytelling. If you’re worried about getting spoiled for the series you’re in luck because we are going to be looking over the first episode… Hopefully I can hook you […]

I Fixed Sonic the Hedgehog… What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Just what an ugly mug. There’s no beating around the bush, Sonic is ugly. I’m sorry society is so shallow that we have to judge this real gangsta by the artificial nature of his looks. Do you think Sonic asked to be this ugly, like he went up to the CGI animators like it was […]

Why are Kids Playing with Poop?

This all sounds very unsanitary. Don’t worry your children are not playing with actual crap, well most of them anyway. The board game industry is an interesting market, I want to say that with computers and tablets now that traditional games have been eclipsed as the go-to relievers of boredom but I do see that […]

The Spam Story – Tale of a Bot Commenter

Everyday these brave little toasters share their thoughts and we often dismiss them as nonsense. Today I share one of their stories. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsZVO41iSAg   The Full story by Slot Joint Mobile Casino: I am just about ready to hand oger my ritualistic morning read of the Wall Street Journal. Particularly die hard, I know, but […]

‘A Perfect Man’ is Unintentionally Kinda Funny (Review)

I’m not going to say much on A Perfect Man (2013) because honestly, who gives a fudge about A Perfect Man. I’m just going to ramble nonsensically but this movie is lowkey hilarious. You know the dialogue is bad when I watch the opening scene and think that this is some kind of “movie within […]

The Perfect Avengers 4 Plot?

Hello there, roughly a month ago I decided I wanted to feature more creative writing content on the site so here we are back at it again. However, this time I decided to help the Russo Brothers out by using the movie script generator and sort of Mad-libbing our way to the perfect script for […]


K can’t come to the phone right now… why? Because K’s dead. When this blog opened up years ago we made it clear that we had a passion for the movies, but that was really a gateway to get to our real goal and that is to start a Book Club Website. Blease believe me […]

Haunting of the Innocent is Absolutely Horror-ible! At the Movies #1 [Video Review]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmF9ThijWR8 This took too long to make for how bad it turned out. Hey we all have to start somewhere you know. If people can unironically release this terrible horrible no good very bad movie with no shame than I guess I can make something to. Thanks for stopping by to watch especially y’all making […]

I Can’t Believe They Ruined Star Wars! (Rant/Angry Review)

Kathleen Kennedy needs to STOP because she’s ruining my Star Wars. You might not know this, but I am the biggest Star Wars fan in the entire galaxy. I have read all the novels, I have a shelf of all the collectible toys still pristine in their original packaging, and I have dressed as a […]

10 Valentine’s Day Cards/Poems to Give to Someone Special

So mistakes have been made, and the way things stand you’re not going to have the BEST valentines day of your life. Maybe you took that special someone to that cute bunny movie and they left feeling viciously attacked because it hit them in their soft spot their “allergies”. Maybe you just forgot to get […]