Reasons Why “13 Reasons Why” Season 2 is Hated

13 Reasons Why is a guilty pleasure of mine, Netflix’s attempt to copy an MTV teen drama in the vein of Teen Wolf, Awkward, or Finding Carter but with an interest in the taboo. Though like many “angered voices on the internet” despite my disapproval of returning for a second season not because of the […]

13 Reasons Why: A Dangerous Problem or Much Ado About Nothing

The Netflix Original 13 Reasons Why was a smash hit earning a large fan-base and critical praise holding an 8.6/10 on IMDb and an 86% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. The show is heading towards its second season but it’s safe to say that not everyone is a fan. In fact, this show is quite the […]

13 Reasons Why Season 2 Thoughts

Netflix Original Series 13 Reasons Why, has finally confirmed that it will be renewed for Season 2. While I certainly can give it a raving review on the complex narrative and fine crafted character development I think the show already holds many positive reviews and would rather discuss subjects on the aftermath of its received […]