The Search for El Sueño Fauno

FADE IN: INT. KON BROADCAST STATION - NIGHT On top of the door resides a black brick completely lost in shadow. A mechanical click sounds and the brick is illuminated into a crimson red glow reading "On-Air". The sign gives an electrical hiss that rivals the irritating frequency of a cicada. WYATT WENT, an eccentric … Continue reading The Search for El Sueño Fauno


Where’s K? Quick Update

Oh yes…. This is a thing I do. Given my lack of a consistent schedule in the past it probably hasn’t been that long to all the none of you that care, but it has felt like forever since I actually wrote something. It has just been the perfect storm I guess of “things happening” … Continue reading Where’s K? Quick Update

Games and Thrones – Kakegurui xx Review

7 Psychopaths and a Game of Craps is back! That was a joke I made in my original Kakegurui review, which is an important one from my end. It was actually my very first anime review and after re-reading it to gain some perspective for this review I think it’s… okay. It’s interesting to see … Continue reading Games and Thrones – Kakegurui xx Review

Final Exam (1981) Review

Is 80’s slashers the theme of the summer, my attempt to cash in on the nostalgia more shameless than New Coke… maybe not after this one. Final Exam is a neutered slasher that can be described in one word… BORING! Spend time with this cast of characters more notable by the unfunny nicknames I give … Continue reading Final Exam (1981) Review

Graphic Design for Cheapskates and Know-Nothings

Hello and welcome to my skill share audition for my course on “Graphic Design for Cheapskates and Know-Nothings”. While I’ve used the Adobe Products and highly recommend them, I experiment with free editors just to show that you can still do graphic design if you believe in the heart of the cards. If you are … Continue reading Graphic Design for Cheapskates and Know-Nothings

No Sleep After Watching ‘Sleepaway Camp’ (Review)

Dear Mom and Dad, I know this seems to go against my claims that we will no longer be on speaking terms if you sent me here, but I am only writing this because one of the counselors chewed me out over it. I’m glad something got chewed around here because the food surely isn’t. … Continue reading No Sleep After Watching ‘Sleepaway Camp’ (Review)