Thanks to everyone who voted! We had some really close match-ups but unfortunately we have lost some in the battles. Germanicus, Kublai Khan, and Attila the Hun were all great in their own right but sadly they have been defeated. So it continues, as a reward for my final 4 I will reveal my main renders of the master/servant duos still in battle for the fan favorite route. Voting will be open until end of the 18th, so vote as much as you want and be sure your team reigns victorious. Happy Voting. If you need it be sure to check out part 1 for the character bios.

Scott is a trained militant bounty hunter in the same vein as Kairi Sisigou from Fate/Apocrypha. Well equipped and dangerous, Scott can track masters down, conduct strategy, and handle an encounter on his own.

However, his hands might be full with the larger than life personality. Sophisticated yet delightfully devilish, Agatha Christie is ready to see carnage and delights in the thought of watching turmoil and chaos ensue in order to solve the mystery that is obtaining the Holy Grail.

Sneaky and sly Jon Spencer and Odysseus are really birds of a feather. Willing to make deals and strategize how to take out the opponents that might be more difficult for them to take head on. The Question Mark Mercenary intends to find a simple way to maximize their efforts and achieve victory.

Odysseus is as his legend foretold, brazen but cunning. Odysseus wishes to return home once more and his intellect and quick maneuvering might just be enough to send him there.

The promising young mage was hand-picked by the magus society. With a great deal of knowledge and knowing what to expect from a Holy Grail War, Moya is ready… sort of. Though accomplished in mage craft and talented in many regards, Moya is humble enough to doubt her abilities to overcome all obstacles even with the strongest class in Saber.

Her first reservation came in the Saber she was paired with. Her expectations were dashed as a strong master of the blade was not the seemingly feeble blind elder in front of her. Still the Doge is full of surprises and his wisdom might just prove that there is more than one way to win a war.

Yeah Jack’s the ultimate gamer, so he’s got a versatile kit to work with. Hopefully those gamer skills helps Jack and Rembrandt survive this game. Though it looks like I dressed Jack up for a different kind of challenge…curse my love of references.

Rembrandt is a force to be trifled with and not one to underestimate. The dignified painter is eager to find the grail and capture its beautiful image for himself.

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