I’m very thankful to all my readers, and for people who want to support me and my efforts here, I have a fun little think to announce. I am launching my own brand known as Merch Zoo, were you can now prove that you are the biggest K head on the planet, and show it off to all your friends and family.

With Black Friday and the Holidays coming up I made a great effort to bring you the perfect products that reflect about everything I’m all about and allow you to express just how much you like being at the movies with me.

5 Limited Time Collector edition X-Mas Ornament

Christmas time is my favorite time of the year, and I want to help give a little movie magic to your holidays. From an assortment to various memorable K designs, these ornaments are perfect for the tree or any occasion really. I am only selling these this one time so pick the one that really speaks to you, or make like Christmas Thanos and collect all of these shiny gems at an affordable price.

1 Ornament
5 Ornament Box Set
  • Comes with autographed X-Mas card from K at the Movies

Keep It Casual K Hoodies

Winter is coming, and as someone who knows going to the movies can be chilly, I want to make something that is sleek, simple and of course comfortable to wear. It really makes you feel like the main character, feel like K to triumphantly wear a bold letter on your chest that supports me, but doesn’t look too dorky or gardener unwanted attention. Everyone is going to ask you about your super fly, striking hoodie and thanks for the free marketing. A nice front pocket so you can keep candy, keys, hairpins, chainsaws or anything you need for what life could throw at ya.

1 Hoodie
Ultimate Merch Bundle, by 3 Designs and Save

When in Doubt Merch

As much as a giant letter might work for me, I think you might want something more appealing on your apparel. So I personally created an original logo for my Deku merch line, so you too can Deku It Out all the time.

Not only are shirts available in multiple colors but the design actual has 3 color variant that I hope you might recognize the subtle nods to in jokes only someone willing to buy merch would understand. From phoenix Fox, Deku Doubt, or Meme Lemur, find the design that speaks to you.

Original Deku Designer Tee
3 Design Set

Hats Off Design

Both in and out of character it’s very common to see me sporting some sort of headwear. This is the most passionate I am about making appeal that speaks for me. So in an effort to create something I would wear, here’s my line of hats that have a limited stock but if you guys show some enthusiasm for we might try to sell more. I’ll keep you posted on what we have.

Novelty and Special Items

6th Place Best Girl’s Panties

There’s nothing I am more passionate about than Woman’s Underwear. I want my merch line to be bold and unlike the typical nonsense you see other creators making. Personally I’ve always felt good down in 6th place, and I want to share that comfort with your down their too.

Of course, it’s perfect for when you want to show off your engaging and captivating plot. It’s the perfect fan-service for any guy or gal or person of planet Earth that could enjoy the foundation of a good story.

K Puzzle Boxes

This is more in development at the moment, but I’m creating a series of puzzle boxes that demonstrate some of K’s greatest hits. Currently you can buy Box #1 Fighting Goku or #2 Bunny Girl Waifu Factory. It’s the perfect gift to give a puzzle to someone who loves puzzles. Highly recommend.

Single Puzzle
Monthly Puzzle Subscription, new puzzle every other month
  • New Designs TBA

the rest of the line

You’ll be surprised by the whacky assortment of products you can find on Merch Zoo. From Doggie Bandana’s so your dog can rep their 6th favorite movie blogger, or a bib for those little interns in your life. I am also working on posters to hang up your own K posts to turn any room into a walk in movie.

Of course I know that not everyone has stuffed pockets, and selling merch is all about manipulating your audience. Using consumerism, and impressionable “fans” into buying cheap stuff they’ll never wear in order to show loyalty to a creator that will never recipricate their appreciation.

Despite being really poor, and in need of your support… I will offer the most simple of merchandising opportunities which is a collectors pin. With 4 designs, have a personal subscribe button and show the world that you enjoy going to the movies and Deku it Out when life has you down.

Yes, buy my merch before it runs out, thanks for checking it out, please buy all my stuff or I won’t believe that any of you like. We speak with our dollars here, so please…gimme all your money.

7 thoughts on “Launching Merch Zoo Black Friday and X-Mas Deals for Limited Time

    1. Haha go to the store and find the hats Moya, there’s just too many to link you the full catalog.

      Just Moya if you want to feel comfortable down in 6th place it is very nice fabric, that gives you the feel of being a 6th place getter

      Liked by 1 person

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