I am joined one final time with commentary from Jon Spencer Reviews, and Scott of Mechanical Anime Reviews, as I bring you the last installment of This Series Ends When We Beat Goku. Let me tell ya, beating Goku is somewhat of a tall task and I have exhausted all my options. Will a knight in shining armor come and sweep me of my feet or am I doomed to have Ultra Instinct steal my lunch money for all eternity…check it out and find out.

8 thoughts on “Can We Finally Beat Goku?

    1. Yep, and the only one who can do it solo. Technically in record order Sakamoto/Dracula won first, but I tested out most of the characters so they wouldn’t crash the game and I saw Lelouch, I was like okay, this series ends when I get lucky enough to roll him, which was nice knowing I wasn’t going to be stuck forever.


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