Yeah, This idea ended up being larger than I would imagine, well if you had fun reviewing costume ideas with my special guest than here’s a part two to keep the spooky times going.

9. The Shining

It’s a movie reference, and a movie reference I think you know?

Oh, this is kind of great! The Shining is one of like 2 horror movies that I’ve completed so you’ve chosen well. 9.5/10. Simple and iconic, bonus points for the expressions that I can maybe see us pulling off.

Yeah it’s pretty simple and sweet and it definitely feels spooky.


10. Titanic Couple


Hahaha, 8/10. Peak romance, and I do enjoy a cheap DIY.

That is true, It is kind of funny that instead of Jack and Rose you got the true ship of that tale. Might be a little insensitive, nobody is doing a 9/11 cosplay it is a little awkward being a tragic event but I guess nobody really cares but so ghosts might be judging you for this one.

Both points are true…

Haha thanks I’m glad you didn’t give me the cold shoulder, Iceberg.

11. Rick and Morty

Oh no! This must be one of the millions of popular TV shows that I haven’t seen! Um…Rick and Morty…waiting for the bus? K, I tried.

Hahahaha I am proud of you for your effort and I am….I’m just glad you said Rick and Morty.

Thank you for the affirmation

It is Rick and Morty, like it’s close enough we are calling it Rick and Morty


So would you like to be Rick and Morty, you could be looking pretty FLY you know.

Oh sorry, I forgot to rate it! Um, 7/10, they look great, why not!

Haha yeah I agree, it’s nice maybe not my favorite but it’s the perfect blend of something retro and a little futuristic so no complaints here could be fun.

12. Noragami

Oh, Noragami! Very aesthetically different from the rest, but that’s probably just the photo composition. 6/10. They’re kind of cute together, but no strong feelings (maybe it’s because I need to watch Season 2)

You should watch season 2, probably not just for their relationship but because it is pretty good, honestly focuses more on side characters and excels in doing so

I really should! It’s got a banger OP too.

True, Hey Kids is pretty awesome! You could get a tail though, that could be fun would it not?

Yeah I feel like this is a “Halloween costume material and just could I wear a tracksuit, and a scarf with a purple wig like I like keeping it simple and it could be as simple as that.

You’re right, maybe that would be fun. And are you going to get really good at flipping a coin?

Of course, maybe I already am?

You must show me sometime.

13. Up


Wow, this is quite something. 8/10. Seems complicated, with a lot of parts to keep together if you’re the house, but I love a good art project and think the effort is kind of amazing.

True, and you would rather be the house than the dead wife? It’s cute and creative I feel like maybe being old and a house is a little out of mine and maybe most people’s elements but they’re getting it and it would be like the talk of the party.

K, if I were the dead wife I don’t think people would be able to tell who we’re cosplaying.

She’s in the movie, you could pull it off with some creative choices

I feel like Carl’s identifying trait is that his face is a square. I love your face but I don’t know if you can pull it off

That is true, I (allegedly) have a massive head but square shape it is not.

14. Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland! I don’t know if this is based on a specific adaptation of it, but I think it’s cute and enjoy the aesthetic. 8.5/10! I can see us making this work.

True, it’s simple and kind of sweet. You’d make a beautiful Alice, though as much as I like the big watch I feel like I would maybe be more fitting to be a Mad Hatter maybe?

Oh, good point, you’re the perfect Mad Hatter! Would make for a much creepier ship, but I don’t dislike the idea of making people uncomfortable on Halloween.

Haha I mean I think themed costumes are enough, that’s cute enough and maybe don’t take it too seriously and how is that creepier than the bad time-management rabbit.

True. Maybe I should be the bad time-management rabbit…you’re actually much better than me at time management

That’s debatable, and if I give you the clock than you’re just going to worry about sleepy time and I’m more concerned about spooky time at the moment.

Yeah, I only believe in digital watches. You can keep the clock.

15. Crona and Medusa

10/10 if you let me be Medusa… I love the Soul Eater aesthetic and I kind of feel an affinity for Medusa in particular, for no obvious reason, of course. If you don’t want to be Crona, you could also be Dr. Stein – I remember he and Medusa having some awesome dance scenes, and I do stan a toxic fictional relationship (?)

Really, I would of took you for a Crona? But Crona is kind of cool from what little I know, sort of a neat character I’m sure I could do something fun with it maybe. True there is Dr. Stein, he’s kind of spooky and I kind of want to see him tear down the dance floor now that you mentioned it.

Crona is pretty cool! But you just gotta give me Medusa…!

HAHA Yeah I mean I guess they I could of picked like Soul or Blackstar pairing but I felt you would vibe more with this pair and I could respect that

That’s very thoughtful of you.

16. Finally it’s Kingdom Hearts

What is that, Kingdom Hearts? Not very familiar, but great costume designs, 8.5/10.

It is Kingdom Hearts! Yes I also don’t have any emotional attachment to it but the designs are fun and this cosplay makes it seem cool and you get a goofy keyblade so I wouldn’t complain.

Yeah, it’s pretty cool!

17. Cruella

Wow, ok. I like Cruella’s design, but that Dalmatian…why are the spots only on the front?? 7/10 but I wouldn’t want to be a part of it.

Haha I mean it’s better than dressing up as Cinderella I guess, yeah I don’t want to be a dog and I just noticed the spots…’s hard to make a costume.

Very hard indeed

Yeah I don’t know New Cruella has some nice fashionable looks, I don’t really want to be a dog but you could find something out their that is kind of neat maybe I don’t know

I wish I saw more of the live action movie than the part where the dogs get her mom

No, that’s all you really need to see really

I’ll take your word for it

18. Fate

Okay so first I want you to answer this question, I believe you are familiar with the Fate franchise, I’m watching it currently and there’s a lot of fascinating characters to possibly dress up as, if you could have your choice, who comes to mind?

mm…, that’s a good question. I don’t actually have a favourite Fate character, and think that all their designs look nice. Maybe Rin – I do enjoy the red and black aesthetic – but no strong opinions here

You would make a fantastic Rin, would be fun to do the hair I bet.

Haha, that was sometimes my hairstyle in elementary school

Cute! But you know me, I don’t like playing by the book

GREAT SHIP! Yeah, you’re gonna have to put on a lot of gains for this one (you’re not hoping that I’d be Rider?), but this is really fun, 9/10

Haha You could be Rider, Waver is kind of cool but both of them are pretty darn awesome and since I’m pretty sure no one reading this has any idea how tall I am I could work as either one. It is kind of funny how “Rider” I guess not to spoil it’s not really plot relevant but historically Rider is seen as sort of a smaller nimble guy which would ironically match “Fate/Zero Archer” who is considered a large giant of a man which is kind of ironic. I don’t know you’re kind of small yourself, I could probably let you in under my cape still.

True, I think this might even have been referenced in Fate/Zero. There would probably be room under your cape, but that’s because you’re really skinny

It is at least for Rider, I don’t know if they ever talk about Archer in that way. But if you know anything about Fate is that historical accuracy is kind of an after thought. Especially if you go to Apocrypha.

Somebody should rank Fate series based on historical accuracy if it hasn’t been done already. I’m sure that would be a fun project.

You’re fine being Waver? Who again is a character really easy to grow on you, even though there might be some other great choices if you so choose to be.

Yeah, Waver’s cool. Though in terms of other ideas for you, I think you’d be able to pull off a decent Kirei Kotomine. K at the Spookies with the dark sus energy.

Yeah someone has to have done that and I would watch that. Or are you glad I didn’t go with Fate/Zero Caster team, the true fan favorites

No complaints, Kirei Kotomine is a awesome and he’s got so much K’s in his name I would respect it.

Would be a fun one though!

Alright that’s it my spookies, hope you enjoyed this little convo and have a happy Halloween, tomorrow I have a special treat to wrap up my spooky time coverage.

13 thoughts on “Even More Spooky Costumes with My GF

    1. More like one would be too big and this and I already had 30 other spooks in development so…whoops. Might as well get some extra views and break it down to a more digestible level, continuity or viewing both is all sort of bonuses.

      I’m as subtle as a brick through a glass window but I have no reason to be, I don’t know who all got the message but…can’t say I didn’t try. Hope things were enjoyable to read I didn’t want us to only be having fun

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I really gave you a chance to deny ID-ing yourself as someone who didn’t know what Back to the Future is. Rick and Morty spawned as a crude parody of those characters hence why it is kind of right but….there you go, glad I could tease you a little longer


      1. Ohhhh!! 😮😮😮 Haha…yeah, no, can’t be me, I was just asking for your special guest (Jon Spencer confirmed?) so they won’t have to be embarrassed about dating Mr. Movies and not knowing very influential movie classics.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Some might even say she was all of them. A track record of gaslighting, sarcasm, and tomfoolery really makes the telling the truth a fool’s errand.

        But that’s fine with me I’m just living my best life and trying help bring the best girl I know a little happiness along the way.

        Liked by 2 people

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