Did you know that that there are fictional characters that aren’t owned by Disney. Crazy, you can’t even play smash brothers without completely escaping the mouse now. Yeah while Disney is known as the villain song factory, there’s some other spooky bangers out there…. though I might try to be quicker and to the point with this one. So little explanation, judge for yourself.

F Tier: Flops

UglyDolls – The Ugly Truth

U-G-L-Y You ain’t got no alibi you UGLY. Yeah Nick Jonas can get hellish but this ain’t it for me.

Cats – Macavity

Oh God I’ve never taken such an extended look at Cats and it is haunting. I just why, why CG the cat fur if it is just going to look like skin tight suits anyway. Yeah this Femme Fatale role just doesn’t suite Taylor Swift and I am distracted by cat chloroform. I hate it let’s move on.

E – Exciting But Ehh…

Over the Garden Wall – Come Wayward Souls

Yeah E Tier is going to get weird. I like Come wayward Souls in context of the show but it is kind of short and only good in context of the show. It’s cool that they made a haunting version of Oh Holy Night but I don’t know it is one of the weaker Garden Wall songs even if it is such a cool deep voiced performance.

Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer – Grandpa’s Gonna Sue the Pants Off Santa

I love the Cousin Mel song, it is the best in the completely insane Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer special. I give it bonus points for being not your typical villain song. Yeah I would rate this higher on a Christmas special tier list but on here it’s short, probably won’t listen to it outside the special and doesn’t sound very spooky…in fact maybe the opposite.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory – I Want It Now

The Veruca Salt song is definitely refreshing after all the Ompa-Loompa songs and it is charmingly bratty. Weird, in the Tom and Jerry version they changed it so Slugworth sang this song. Yeah, I’m a be honest, I should have leaned into the meme and said “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket” is the Villain song of Wonka. I mean Grandpa Joe hops out of that 4 person bed and starts dancing and pressuring Charlie to make all the wrong choices… like what the heck Grandpa!?!

Animaniacs – Pinky and the Brain Theme

Simple and sweet but more of a jingle than a song. Maybe could have done better on a general theme song tier list but I don’t necessarily leave it out being what spooky content I’m highlighting.

Venom – Eminem’s Venom

VVVVVVVVVVENOM, GOTTTA GO GET’EM. KNOCK KNOCK LET THE DEVIL IN! Haha it’s so corny, but that’s sort of why I kind of like it. With a a sense of irony I love it but I can’t put it over songs that are actually good.

Vocaloid – Trick or Treat

It’s certainly spooky! Yeah I don’t know my advice is always that Vocaloid has some fun beats and nice story telling lyrics but I would always find a human cover. Some of them can’t escape sounding like Beaker from the Muppets at least for me. Yeah the Dolls are coming and that is delightfully horror-ible.

The Lego Movie 2 – Not Evil

Not the most iconic Villain but I like this song better than I thought I would like a Tiffany Haddish song. It definitely leans into their voice actress and is showing a great abundance of personality. If you know about the movie you get the sort of Lego movie humor to it and that is charming even if it’s not one of my favorites.

Cats Don’t Dance – Big and Loud

I like Darla Dimple as a character. There’s something so absurd about a Shirley Temple character being an ego maniac. The visuals are fun and it is fun to the contrast it is to the first half of the song. What can I say it’s simple but it certainly is BIG and LOUD!

Hoodwinked – Top of the Woods

I’m going to spoil Hoodwinked which is a movie that sort of needs to not be spoiled if you have any interest in it. Given that the film is 15 years old, and the 3D animation is….. has seen better days. Well that’s not true, Hoodwinked looked bad when it came out, but it’s not a traditional story for an animated feature and for that it will always be sort of endearing to me. The song is bad but the dancing and the title drop totally make up for it.

Zatch Bell – Very Melon

You want context…. I’m not giving it to you! I aspire to be as excited about things as this V shaped villain is about melons. I mean the man breathes fire, it’s just Zatch Bell isn’t what I think about when I think music but they have a surprising amount of fun songs that maybe deserves its own tier list as it feels way out of place here.

D Tier: Dastardly

Chicago – The Press Conference Rag

Yeah when I saw a production of Chicago I was bored out of my mind. To see the lengths the film went to make this film such a large coordinated production is admirable. I don’t know with YouTuber apologies and celebrity snafus I feel like this song has aged like fine wine. Richard Gere does a great job as this smarmy puppet-master and Renee Zellweger going practically rag doll is really impressive. I love when she actually speaks her mind, it really is the moment that sells how much of a phony charade this all is.

Batman the Brave and the Bold – The Music Meister

Speaking of playing into your actor, the Music Meister is a role perfect for Neil Patrick Harris. I’m always impressed that the voice actors for this show actually sound really good. Honestly think this is my favorite episode of Brave and the Bold and this song is so damn catchy. This show was all about exploring some of the lesser known DC characters and bringing the camp back to these characters.

Prince of Egypt – Playing With The Big Boys Now

I mean it doesn’t get much more fun than Steve Martin and Martin Short. THE POWER OF RA, will always be great to me, as well as the metaphoric snake fight. It’s probably in the lower half of Prince of Egypt songs but it is still great, and deserves to be recognized as such.

C Tier: Catchy and Crass

South Park – Blame Canada

Haha C Tier for Canada. South Park breaks all rhyme and reason as this song was nominated for an Oscar which I still think that makes it one of two “villain songs” to be nominated. Yes Disney has zero villain song nominated for an Oscar but South Park has one. It’s satire gold and if you think it should be higher or lower well than just blame Canada.

Despicable Me – Despicable Me

I’m having a bad bad day will forever be funny to me. I don’t know back when Illumination had some semblance of integrity but yeah this song definitely represents Gru and feeling like the bad guy.

The Lorax – How Bad Can I Be

“How Bad Can I Be” is the highlight of this weird Lorax adaptation. The Onceler stole the show and his fans are weird. It’s a bouncy song that is apologetically evil if only half heartedly. While it is fun to watch the Onceler go from protagonist to villain in the span of one song doing pretty much ever bad thing you can do through capitalism. Here’s the deal Lorax movie bad, this song good….but unused song is great. If you learn anything from this segment is that the original rock opera song Biggering is epic and would be a whole tier above this song. It is a real shame when you realize how toothless this ended up being when you listen to biggering and just realize how relentlessly greedy the Onceler has become.

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared – Creative

Iconic for sure. I think for a villain song to lure you in with a false sense of security with a growing sense of sinister undertones….this is probably the exemplar. Yeah I mean we all know this is great and that green is certainly not a creative color. It’s still jarring and you can really dig deep for hours if you would like to get creative with it.

TDWT – This is How We Will End It

Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Alejandro from Total Drama World Tour plays the game arguably better than anyone the show has ever scene. I honestly was impressed that Total Drama would actually pull off a musical season and I mean a rocking song by a hand puppet is just a great example of how goofy and banging it can be.

Lazy Town – We are Number One

I mean it’s rare that the villain will take the time to teach you how to be evil. I mean this song is great and I will take no slander for the villain number one!

Fairy Odd Parents – Where is the Fun

I will always be impressed that Tara Strong can sing in the Timmy Turner voice. I always thought the pixies were underused villains and it was nice to see them finally get their big scheme. Honestly it is just an interesting confliction of this poor Flappy Bob who has to choose to listen to. I like seeing our protagonist lose because he was kind of a jerk earlier in the film so why should Bob listen to him. Where is the fun, this song is pretty fun.

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas – You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch

This is a Christmas song. Yes it goes into detail how rotten the Grinch is and it is rather fun. You also can’t go wrong with James Earl Jones but yeah…. I’m not spooked or going to play this outside of a Christmas song context.

B Tier: Baddie Bangers

Labyrinth – As The World Falls Down

Is it controversial to have this instead of “Dance Magic”? While “Dance Magic” is probably the more iconic song, this one leans more into his villainess allure. David Bowie is pretty great and his bulging Goblin King is such a unique villain that it’s easy to get lost in his charming voice and mystic.

Minecraft Song Parody – Creeper

Explain yourself…. no, I don’t think I will. I mean Creeper is gonna steal your stuff and half the song is about running away from him…that’s spooky. I mean…. don’t act like this song doesn’t bang… boomer. I haven’t even played Minecraft and I always thought its fandom is….kinda cringe but yeah, song slaps and I will not apologize for recognizing that on MY website.

Fairly Odd Parents – Gimme The Wand

Rest in Peace Norm MacDonald. Honestly just a fun song that highlights Norm’s smooth voice and spells out his motives pretty well.

Bendy and the Ink Machine – Gospel of Dismay

So neat that Rubber hose animation style is making a come back. It’s an ultimate opening Pandora’s box rag, and the complicated place that puts you in. Perfectly represents the conflict of the game, expressive characters of ink characters and ultimately creates a spooky atmosphere. Can I get an Amen to giving the Gospel its praise.

Death Note – Light’s Theme

Controversial is it to do Light’s Theme over Kira. I mean personally I prefer L’s Theme and Low of Solipsism but you can’t go wrong with any Death Note track. Honestly, kind of like how not edgy Light’s Theme is really fitting him and his complexity from start to end.

Heathers – Candy Store

I mean it’s Heather Chandler, she’s a mythic bitch. I don’t know high school is weird a ticket up the social hierarchy is a tempting option and this is the song that shows how just delightfully evil and rude the Heathers are, in what is probably one of the better film to stage adaptations I can think of.

Metroid – Vs Ridley

I mean this is some, let’s kill Mario music. I mean boss music intensifies is pure Ridley theme and how foreboding and epic it is.

Be More Chill – The Pitiful Children

Yeah Be More Chill probably would make a cool film but after Dear Evan Hasen….yeah maybe let’s not. The Squip is an awesome villain who is coolness incarnate, and preys on your insecurities to manipulate you. Honestly if I would adapt this to screen I would have the Squib and Jeremy played by the same actor because… I don’t know I always saw it as supposed to be getting coached by “I’m you, but cooler”. It just has a cool and distinct sound to it and this is pretty much the propaganda song. Follow us and your lives will be perfect, and there’s nothing sinister or wrong with that.

Steven Universe: The Movie – Your Other Friends

Yeah, did anyone finish Steven Universe and still like Rose Quartz because…why? Speaking of Rubber hose, Spinel is here with a delightfully bouncy yet bitter song that sets her up as the movie antagonist threat. It’s a fun song full of foreshadowing.

Freakazoid – The Lobe Song

Nothing says committed to the bit than a 4 minute parody of a musical that nearly no one in your audience gets the reference. The amount of people who watched this and have no idea what Hello Dolly is will always be amusing. Still what a marvelous recreation, from the zany dance movies, to Louie Armstrong cameo mimicked to just the insane show stopper antics. The Lobe deserves his big moment and a nice big old plate of bread.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog – Everything You Ever

Dr. Horrible… is it controversial that I didn’t do “Hero in Their Own Way”, or the “Bad Horse” jingle. The film builds up to the transformation from pretender to truly dastardly and at what cost. It captures that moment with grace and ends on a fitting note.

A Tier: Awesome Antagonist Anthems

Fire Emblem Three Houses – Edge of Dawn

Oh a somber villain song, that still builds up into an powerful theme. I too probably wish to go back to simpler times before I am about to go commit war atrocities. Things can sure get complicated but yeah Edge of Dawn is a banger and I enjoy it, villain song or not.

Donkey Kong Country – Gangplank Galleon

Those horns! All hail the king, it’s as easy as that.

Heathers – Meant To Be Yours

We sure do live in a society. JD is an interesting black comedy character and this is his moment and it’s pretty great. You really get a sense of how too far gone he is and just how suffocating his twisted ideals have become for Veronica.

Rick and Morty – Evil Morty Theme

The sample they choose from The Damaged Coda is perfect and it does sound menacing and darkly mysterious. Yeah say what you want about Rick and Morty but little argument against this being a homerun in terms of villain themes.

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy – Brains

Voltaire writes a song for Billy and Mandy that parodies Little Shop of Horror and it really didn’t need to go this hard. The violins are just chilling and has that unnerving atmosphere that really fit the episode. Sure you might think it’s placement might be strange but you won’t think twice if you don’t have your brain.

Anastasia – In the Dark of the Night

Yeah if you thought Jim Cummings doing Scar for a couple bars was impressive, how about him doing Christopher Lloyd for an entire song. Rasputin is just the perfect canvas for a villain and even if it isn’t historically accurate the zombie man of magic is certainly dastardly. Some weird lines and yeah the bugs are an odd choice but given that the song composers weren’t happy about Rasputin being in the film it’s cool that they still gave him a banger. Now that Fox is owned by Disney will I have to slide this over to the Disney list…maybe. I do think it would fit right in.

Little Shop of Horrors – Git It

My controversial choices continue as I choose “Git It” over “Mean Green Mother From Outer Space”. I don’t know both are bops but I like seeing Audrey 2 evil influence over Seymour and the interactions of slowly corrupting him.

Ferngully – Toxic Love

Pollution bad, Tim Curry Good.

S Tier: Simply Sinister Slappin’ Songs

Daughter of Evil – Regret Message

You got a appreciate a story rich song that follows the remorse of a villain character. Very little do we follow the perspective of a character that is evil but follow the consequence that follows their actions and Regret Message perfectly captures that. Following a sort of Marie Antoinette figure, is the cruel teen queen someone we can have sympathy with even after committing a petty atrocity. I don’t know but I know I’m certainly a fan of this one.

Danny Phantom – Remember

Remember Ember? I don’t know why but I guess I enjoy a good villain with complicated and or understanding motives. I don’t know why it has been a while since I’ve seen Danny Phantom but the whole point was that Ember wasn’t being malicious or having some grand scheme. It was just a kind of a young person who died tragically and used their ghost powers/existence to acquire fame and notoriety. Which honestly leaving a legacy and living your dream is fair enough reason to be a little treacherous. Plus it’s a song about dying in a house fire on Nickelodeon, that alone deserves some props for going for it.

The Phantom of the Opera Theme

It’s the perfect spooky time ballad, and it is aggressively gothic with an air of mystic. I don’t know the Phantom has sort of lost the point….in a sense. Isn’t the whole point is that he lives in the sewer because he’s a disgusting monster but who has an alluring voice and kind personality. How come in pretty much every iteration know he’s like one of the most attractive people on the planet but has like a little scar-tissue on half of his face. That aside, it is a classic and it is just fantastically evil sounding.

Final Fantasy 7 – One-Winged Angel

It’s the video game equivalent of the Jaws theme and it is intimidating boss music intensifies. If there’s any theme that instills the message of “don’t mess with this person” it’s probably this one.

Wicked – Defying Gravity

The Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz is what I would consider to be an iconic villain that is as well reknown as they come. It’s the ultimate, I’m gonna be a baddie song and it never sounded so whimsical to be the unstoppable force of wickedness. It’s an interesting concept to present the Wicked Witch as sort of this revolutionary Icarus figure who challenges the status quo and doesn’t give two shits about a tarnished reputation. It’s a pleasant duet with her foil, and ultimately splitting of the pair as their differing ideals put them on to opposite sides of the issue.

Rocky Horror Picture Show – Sweet Transvesitite

Maybe you were anticipating this one. I mean it’s a legendary villain song and safely the crème of the crop in terms of Tim Curry performances. It’s got spunk to it and even if it isn’t downright treacherous it is an absolute show stealer and deserves some recognition.

Shrek 2 – I Need a Hero

I’m a be real, I wasn’t going to include this one. I was going to but the Fairy God Mother’s intro song and probably have that boring forgettable song some where near the bottom. This song has very little to do with the Fairy God Mother and her evil motives and it isn’t a very villainess number. Why is it here and not only that but in S tier….because it is FREAKIN’ I NEED A HERO, FROM SHREK 2. I think being one of the greatest moments in the history of cinema means you get to break the rules. Jennifer Saunders gives a great performances. Everyone remembers this as probably the DreamWorks best villain song and even if it isn’t an original song it is still just a perfect moment of action and suspense.

Chicago – Cell Block Tango

As stated earlier Chicago is a boring time and nothing special. That said, Cell Block Tango is sort of epic. It’s got humor and ferocity that drops so much exposition in a way that is such a unique grand theatrical performance. Editing, lighting, choreography and musical composition all come together in a moment that has so much fire and flair to it. The whole thing is 7 minutes long at it’s like one of two scenes in Chicago that won’t put you to sleep.

What do you think, what did I miss, what are your favorite villains, what’s your favorite villain song. Give me engagement please I’m not such a bad guy. Feed me that engagement and all our dreams will come true and together we can make the spookiest comment section. Stay spooky my friend.

4 thoughts on “50 Non-Disney Villain songs Tier List

  1. I am glad you included As the World Falls down! The entire song from lyrics and composition to performance and the visual choices on screen as he sings are just *chef’s kiss,* and while I cannot praise the whole movie highly enough, I’m glad you picked this song over Magic Dance.

    Also, In the Dark of the Night? His performance is fantastic.

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