Laughing Target is yet another Rumiko Takahashi OVA that again is creepy but intriguing. Yeah if there’s one knock on this one is that it is rather conventional. It plays out about as you’d expect when your demon fiancée is jealous of your current girl friend. They spend a lot of time showing the main characters archery prowess and yeah that will indeed come into play later. While it does play it by the books it isn’t without some praiseworthy attributes.

For starters the soundtrack is quite eerie and does have a neat sound to it. Story wise it does play into an almost sympathetic villain in that you never really get a true handle of to what extent Azusa is a terror or a victim. As clearly a victim of her household, upholding tradition, and some demonic entity there’s a lot to feel sorry for but we never really truly grasp how much “control” Azusa has in terms of whether she has a monstrous side, or if the demon half feeds off her negative emotion, or is it just a fully autonomous evil being that controls her?

I guess I never thought about it that one but this MAL review commented how it was a supernatural Yandere which yeah I guess. I mean my probably is that out of the handful of anime OVA’s I watched this year this one is probably the most pure spooky one, but the other ones really had something that made it more of an entertaining one. Wouldn’t call it bad but it doesn’t inspire much to say about it. If this seems intriguing with you, it ain’t half bad. Though there is a lack of laughing making the title a bit disingenuous.

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