Social House Films is a YouTube channel that is low-budget horror short films. Despite limitation does some neat concepts and are rather ambitious in a lot of ways that I find them worth talking about.


Obviously it is a bit of a ploy to favor the YouTube algorithm, but it is kind of wicked to even be attempting to use ASMR as a horror concept. Also I don’t think this lady is really good at ASMR. I mean I’m no expert but it’s a little too much lip-smacking for me, sounds like she’s chewing bubble gum. Didn’t really relax me. The idea is a wonderful excuse to put tremendous focus on sound design and the sound is unnerving. The whole thing is rather creepy and it ends on sort of an unexpected philosophical angle. Why do you need ASMR to relax, what’s the deal with that. It’s spooky and the ASMR demon is something I wouldn’t want to encounter.

The Ice Cream Man

Oh damn, we put some gels on the lights. Social House, I appreciate you please keep growing and getting bigger budgets because your concepts and deliver is kind of epic. The popsicle sticks providing lore and being the catalyst of what moves the character forward on the journey is really sick. Talking about sick, that ending. It’s so grotesque and I don’t know exactly what is happening…is she becoming ice cream or demon frost bite or what even? Again the tension and suspense is all there and it is charming. Maybe the ending is a little too goofy but if you want to do effects in your ending, you got to start somewhere and it isn’t exactly immersion breaking for me at least so they have a tight grasp on what they can and can’t do.

Chain Letter

Oh no, I very much advise you not to be friends with Smiling Harvey, it might help you land big movie roles but trust me it is not worth it. I mean we all know about chain letters and how annoying they are. It’s like getting your spooky story trending through forced interaction which isn’t the best way to motivate an audience. But if you like what you’re reading be sure to hit the like button or I would start crying. If you haven’t followed me be sure to follow the button is literally at the bottom. Comment your favorite spooky chain letter in the comments or see if you can type your whole name in the comments without being interrupted. So yeah, I think Chain Letters are out of fashion because audiences of strangers isn’t so easy to manipulate anymore.

I don’t know why this one got me, there’s just insane built up and the sound design and creepy atmosphere really keeps you anticipating. Even if the final shot is a cheesy rubber mask the film did what it needed to do and didn’t linger on it. Effective but nothing special, they’re doing a lot with a little and I admire that.


The concept reminds me of one story from Campfire Weenies, in which this boy squishes a bug and than a giant bug goes and squishes him. That’s like a silly karma tale that is goofy enough to be pleasing. Then again, Christopher Nolan did the same thing in a short film so maybe it is high art. I can’t be the only one thinking it so let’s get it out of our systems together…..”Seid ihr das Essen? Nein wir sind die Jäger!”

Yeah this short could use some more daunting soundtrack to up the intensity a bit. I mean apparently, it’s an fascinating and terrifying concept you don’t get 4 Seasons of Anime The Walking Dead if you don’t think biggo boy-o is scary. It’s short but honestly, rare to see short films using scaling in such an effective manner. Sorry lady, no big wall protecting you…maybe don’t move to the neighborhood with the unjolly giant who collects bugs.

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