The Dolls With Attitude

She thought her life was a tragedy but it turns out it was a horror comedy. The best and worst way I can describe this is that it’s a 5 minute version of Joker but as a Japanese girl. Everyone puts on a mask, to fit in, to appease people, to not rock the boat. What happens when the mask becomes who you are. I love the blend of horror comedy as this is more of a satirical commentary than a spooky horror. It’s an interesting short that says a lot and is rather unnerving.

Face Mask

A dated concept but one that captures a very interesting angle to pandemic times. Obviously it seems rather uninspired to lean so heavily into a trendy topic of sort, but in the shorts defense I think it approaches it in a way that I found fascinating. While it could be into the drone like peer-pressure put on people to wear a mask, which could be a spooky concept giving to the right person it; the short actually uses that to address but subvert the topic onto something a little more universal. Face Mask is a tall about paranoia, fearing the ill-intentions of others and seeing things in a way they might not be. In the end, maybe we all spent a little too much time inside and alone. We never know what someone is hiding and how it’s easy to have things all wrong.

The Mask Maker

Of course you can always count on Crypt Tv to do something downright spooky. It’s a little too similar to the Goosebumps story to really tickle my imagination but the production and masks are rather creepy. Be careful what you wish for and who you mess with, there might be some unforeseen consequences.

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