Oh My God, The Lost Village is maybe one of the dumbest anime out there and it is completely baffling. I have never been so amused by a series that just completely derails itself pretty much episode after episode. The fact that people take this seriously is maybe the funniest aspect about it.

The Bus Ride Over

So I guess for starters let’s start with what Mayoiga is. Mayoiga is a supernatural thriller anime that features this large cast of characters, maybe one of the upfront largest cast you can find. A Bus of over 30 people are going to live out in this remote abandoned village. Your first thought might be, huh why would anyone do that? Because, everyone here is a crazy person and if you think that is hyperbolic please know that it is in fact an understatement. Which I mean fair enough, you got be a little quirky… a little different to go full Chris McCandless and venture off to forsaken society and willing join I guess a cult right.

However, expectedly unexpected to them things aren’t exactly what they seem. Drawing a lot of comparisons to Lost or an M Night Shyamalan movie things are kind of weird. Nobody is there and things are a little spooky.

My Own Squid Game

So, given the size of the cast and the horror element of the show I decided that me and my Kintern would divide the large cast into two different squads and see who’s squad would survive the most.

If you want a reference you can check out the wiki which has pictures of who is who: CLICK HERE

K’s team:

Love-Pon“Protect My Identity”?
Masaki“Cry Baby Lane”
Nyanta“Gun Slinger Cat Girl”
Soy Latte“Fresh Start”
Wanko“Mystery Anime Disease”
Puuko“Eve Looking For Adam”
Toshi Boy“Never Himself Guy”
Manbe“Eloping Couple Guy”
Untensha“Mr. Bus Driver”
Pii-tan“Eloping Couple Girl”
Yunne“Yu-2 electric Boogaloo”
Maimai“People Suck Girl”

Kintern Team:

Mitsume“Main Character Energy”
Hyouketsu no judge“Pirate Edgelord”
Jigoku no Gouka“Life is Survival”
Yunno“Yu-3, No Competition pls”
Nama“Candy Beanie Girl”
Dozaemon“He’s Fat”
Hayato“Speedstar, KaChoow”
Yottsun“Buy My Mixtape”
Yura Mikage“Glasses Business Nerd”
Koharun“Camp Counselor Lady”?
Nettaiya“Avoid Her Stalker”
Nanko“Famous Private Eye”
Valkana“Big Man on Campus”
Dahara“Camp Leader Guy”?
Yuuna“Raging Feminist”
Yamauchi“Pink Goddess”

No I kind of recommend watching the show like this, it is a fun way to engage with friends watching the show and helps you keep track of all the characters when you only sort of focus on half the cast. I will now proceed to talk to people who have seen the show so if you are going to watch it now…I don’t know get some alcohol or something you’re in for a ride.


Now that we went over the fun cast of characters, you might ask, ain’t it a daunting task to sort of balance all those characters and for The Lost Village I would say it is, “Super Easy, Barely An Inconvenience”. I think the way they manage that is really interesting they just have…most of them serve absolutely no purpose at all. You could honestly Thanos snap half the cast out of existence and the show would proceed without skipping a beat.

Now let’s get into how Mayoiga is absurdly bad, at telling a story, establishing theme and honestly can’t even run with a consistent tone. It is maybe the most I’ve been confused, not by what is happening but why is this happening.

The Lost Village is best at being an unintentional comedy, I know Jon Spencer will say otherwise but I think this is more on incompetence than with intention…but it is hard to say. I think it’s trying to be a dark comedy at times but also be a sincere think piece which…bless your soul for attempting that. So the cast is a little bloated that can be excusable but what is more of the problem is that there’s no…point. Is it a mystery….slightly. I mean what’s happening is sort of obvious, and the other reveals in the later half are so out of left field that I don’t know what to tell ya.

It’s not scary because…out of all the phobias and tragic backstories they could think of…they did not choose the right ones…that is for sure. It’s just….why a big titty monster. Why is that not a joke from me, but a literal description. What probably makes Mayoiga really bad is that it’s messaging and themes are honestly terrible. The whole thing is that your trauma defines who you are and you got to accept and confront that in order to grow from experience. That message is immediately muddled when over 20 people don’t do jack shit, and don’t suffer any repercussions from that. Also they stay removed from society because they I guess learned nothing from this which I didn’t learn who they were so fair enough.

I think one of the major…questionable things is Mitsumune’s “friendship” with Speedstar. It’s really uncomfortable that Speedstar is very blatantly grooming him. While it might not be motivated sexually, it is still grooming by definitely like tell me this isn’t their relationship:

Grooming is when someone builds a relationship, trust and emotional connection with a child or young person so they can manipulate, exploit and abuse them.


So Speedstar is not okay, and he’s a massive manipulator who probably needs help, but instead what if we just forgive him? I don’t know I haven’t watch Hunter x Hunter but it would be like if Gon Freecss just became friends with Hisoka and he was just fine having him around as part of the squad… I would rather they not ( I don’t know that could happen, but like what do I know). Yeah, I don’t know blindly forgiving someone because you’re kind of a naïve idiot does not reflect the need to change and grow that the plot was going for.

The icing on the cake is really how abysmal it is at, not being hilarious. The characters are silly, but than they introduce God and a characters lays face down in a river for 6 hours and survives, and there’s a giant penguin, and probably the worst mother of all time. I mean can we talk about that, sure people aren’t thinking rationally in the situation of having their life in peril but I think startling them when they’re running on a ledge is maybe a misplay on her part. Why wouldn’t you just go grab him, or lightly get his attention? Honestly, outside of throwing a rock at his head, this was probably the worst thing you could have done.

Final Say

Is The Lost Village Good? No, dear God no. This show is atrocious and I’m just confused because production wise it is fine. Maybe nothing special but it seems like a legit production in terms of OP, animation, character design, etc.. What we end up getting is something that feels like a chicken running around with its head cut-off. I don’t know why it exists, it is a really simplistic thematically, and is sort of anti-entertainment. It tries to reveal the plot and write a plot that is as un-fun and engaging as probably you can with this absurd premise. However, this show is funny as shit. I enjoyed being utterly confused by it and how zany and ridiculous it is.

Of course, I am cultured and there is only one way to end this review…stay spooky

7 thoughts on “The Lost Village is a Completely Baffling Experience

  1. Clarification, they aren’t just going to the village to live there, the actual posh is a mass suicide. This sort of thing is referred to as an IRL meet up and is more common in older titles. The dumb names are the tip off there.

    As to bring intentioned VS not, I think you argue that point for me. The wrong phobias, directorial choices that are nonsensical (an amateur would know better), and just look at the staff. The Another guy isn’t exactly green.

    Anyway, that’s all I’ve to add to this one.

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    1. It definitely draws parallels to Jonestown and references to cult or mass suicide. I don’t know about that though, like if you’re talking from an organizer perspective yeah it seems like the case start a new and the best way to do so is reincarnation. However, I’m not sure about that as they’re way to concerned about the place being clean, too confused by the missing of the prior first group and the group’s motives seem more like let’s relocate instead of kys. The dumb names are just a way to forgo any attachment to your previous life, I definitely believe the show is trying to evoke that but if that was what everyone was thinking about I feel like a giant fear monster would be reason enough to find some grape Kool-aid to start chugging.

      Yeah I mean it’s a weak point because it dependant on personal perception but to me it’s not that it’s not trying to be goofy as it certainly is. But in a way similar to Another, which is also a little goofy you got the dance scene and hiding behind the Doll and even some of the death are a little Final Destination goofy. But Another never made you question the mood or tension of the situation. They might sprinkle in some levity or dark humor but it’s still a spooky mystery. Lost Village I more perceive is trying to do the same thing just to a more extreme extent, let’s get silly and goofy with it, but the exploration of trauma and the interpersonal drama is all supposed to be taken absolutely seriously. You really can’t, if they were trying to just make an anime version of a goofy B-movie they well succeeded but I feel like the tried to be that but also a deep thematic exploration of fear and damaged psyche and how the human spirit can endure hardship. At that point it’s you can’t smush your cake and eat it too.

      Yeah these are all good points to bring up and while I am confused by the whole experience I did enjoy it bizarrely enough

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      1. No man, that sort of thing is a legit thing that’s well-documented in Japan. The comedy of the situation is that none of them seem to be all that serious about it. Like dark comedy, this is without any ambiguity, an intentioned move. This is the sort of thing that’s not easy to discuss concisely in text. Look at things like Welcome to the NHK or Paranoia Agent and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

        I’d argue the comedy of the show comes in that it “presents” seriously and all parties take things as seriously as possible. The show is constantly undermining the characters and narrative though with purposeful shots that should tip the viewer off. I’d also argue that the point people couldn’t tell right away is a mark that the creator did a good job, but at the same time, the fact this is so unclear for so many is also a shortcoming of the show. You’re let in on the joke, but it’s not always obvious enough.

        Anyway, it’s still very much a 6/10 overall but the experience is really something else lol.

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      2. Yes, mass suicide is a thing and it would be conducted similar to the events if Lost Village and Jonestown is the most reknown occurance as an example. I mean it happens and clearly evoked in episode one when the MC is forced to read his Death Note. I think this is good evidence for Suicide pact but I don’t know this could just be for the death of your old self as that is the big purpose of the trip and maybe it is a death note not a suicide note intending to be found upon your death greater showing the conviction to reject society.

        I don’t know The Lost Village is supposed to be a Utopian retreat so it’s kind of contradictory and if the comedy is Hey I’m a shitty writer who abandons plot points and look at my illogical characters make no sense….I don’t think that was the intention. It’s not like should we kill ourselves now and they keep putting it off it never crosses their mind and they worry about the whereabouts of a previous suicidal group wouldn’t they assume they I don’t know committed Suicide. If that’s the case than the plot shouldn’t happen, you could argue that everyone didn’t know the extent of their group tour and that the adults needed someone from the previous group to commence a ceremony or something but regardless it is bad writing intended or not.

        Yeah I agree the show is certainly going for more of a satire/Dark comedy and it succeeds in doing that. But whether it’s Heathers or A Modest Proposal you’re still trying to leave some sort of message and maybe Lost Village is we did it for the Lulz but it could have been so much more entertaining if that was the case and if it did want to have any takeaway with an once of profound nature to it, it’s too sloppy an attempt.

        Still had fun, still recommend but I agree 6/10 it’s closer to 5 and then 7 but still that’s not half bad. It’s the perfect thing to write an essay on as you can write how bad it is or what it does well and have a solid argument supporting both. It is a spooky time that’s for sure.

        Maybe I watch those recommendations for spooky season I won’t but maybe next time who knows.

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      3. As to the first point, I’m not talking about mass suicide events. This is a very specific suicide ritual that is most common in Japan in particular. Hence it having a specific term, “IRL meetup”. There’s no way this is not about this specific experience because there are way too many signs of that being the intention of the “trip”. Again, the fact that they are all so wishy-washy is kind of the point, to absurdity even.

        I really don’t think so. There’s a culture about these types of group suicides that they are very much following. Here I just think you have a gap in culture knowledge (which I can’t really fault you, it’s a weirdly specific thing to know about to begin with). Everyone there knows what they are getting into. The best I can do is point you towards other shows that cover the topic and tell you to read some more about it in the comments here anyway.

        I’m pretty sure the message here is that running away from your problems within society (i.e. suicide) is bad. It’s not the most robust or amazing message, but that seems to be the overall point.

        Anyway, if you want to discuss more we can do so on the Discord or something where sharing information is easier lol. I’m glad we can both agree it’s worth watching at least once though.

        Oh those recommendations btw, not so good for spooky time outside of Paranoia Agent, but they would fill in some of that gap I mention above.


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