Matthew Foster’s review of this one on short of the week had my interest piqued. That curiousity was soon lost when I watched the film for more than two minutes. I thought this would have the abstract and sensational feeling of the bizarre footage usually used to propel an alternate reality game, but with the storytelling and style of an abstract filmmaker. No, this unfortunately feels as shallow as most ARG but with no…point?

The horror that Foster describes as “a tone poem” does offer little to come across more as a Lynch imitator. I won’t mark off the film entirely as pointless and pretentious but as I see more ratings give off those words I can’t necessarily disagree with them. It’s a shame because the technical prowess is there, it is perfectly unsettling and pure anxious energy. However, the film drifts into some really basic iconography and lacking any thematic or stringent transitions.

I’m sorry but when other tv shows parody this sort of art house or psychological horror it always devolved into something similar to 8 Butterflies. At the end of the day, I would recommend 8 Butterflies purely in the sense that it engages in editing and presentation techniques that could spark some ideas for someone attempting a horror film. Yet, I can’t say I really enjoyed this one or will think about it beyond writing this review. Which when attempting something abstract and surreal it does feel like a bit of an unfortunate failure. Of course this is a really subjective film and maybe it will do more spooky wonders for you than it did for me.

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