Concessions Confession: In a tale that is everything Big Mouth should be, Call Me Tonight is a zany film that is too horny for its own good.

Logline: Rumi “Sukko” Natsumi encounters the weirdest customer ever, which is saying much considering she works at a phone sex line. However, this customers claim that being hot and bothered turns him into a monster might be more than kinky foreplay.

There’s some boppin’ city pop in this, that’s a plus. Besides this, if I had one word to describe this I would say….horny. I’m honestly surprised with how traditional the story is giving its about a horny werewolf monster. Yeah, in sort of a wild version of Metamorphosis, the poor dude just can’t stop growing and showing and everyone is a little too nonchalant about it. There’s this group of people who are like obsessed with wanting to try and make him hulk out, I think this one girl really wants to “jazz it up” with him but then when he eventually does transforms she’s like “Ah, I didn’t think you’d be a scary monster”. Which okay sure.

It’s hard to say because most of this film is just excuses to make this guy horny and it is both laughably funny and kind of unapologetically horny. His transformation is so fast that it is a very strange comedic beat to it. My man is just staring at boobies on the big screen and there’s a giant ugly monster appears all of a sudden. Is this film just trying to cram as much horny situations because they know who’s watching or is it self-aware and playing up the absurdity of it all…..because they know who’s watching.

The most interesting aspect of the film is they actually explain how this dude became someone who morphs into a monster and…..huh. Just, I’m not going to spoil it for you, just know that if you think of the dumbest idea you could imagine, and then dial it like 5 notches dumber.

This was, weird. So weird in fact that I almost forgot to mention that the main protagonist girl is pretty much if April O’Neil blended together with Sailor Jupiter but they work at a phone sex hotline. Crazy I know, but I was entertained none the less and it was short which made it not much of a time commitment. Overall this one is, about what you’d expect in the best of ways and in the worst of ways.

Call me tonight, if you want someone to help you stay spooky.

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