Dark, eerie and intriguing welcome to The Corridor. One of the most daunting feelings is that of being lost, both literally and figuratively. The corridor enraptures both as our protagonist goes around and around and around and around and around looking for the exit, looking for the answer of how to escape.

The corridor is the feeling of when you’re a kid who went to go get ice but forgot who number your hotel room is. One of the more subtle takes on 2020 Covid/lockdown horror, The Corridor captures the fear of slowly losing it in solitude. The use of sound and the atmospheric radio static of it all, is harrowing and does have an unsettling off-putting nature to it.

The animation is one of the most unique and creepy designs I’ve seen around. The editing really keeps control of the pace and always for the story to progress in a crawl. This only feels like going through an animated haunted house of depression and sorry. You keep wandering towards what should soon be an exit and you never really quite know what can pop out around any corner. It’s a saddening but surreal experience that shares that emotion of despair. We all want to find our exits despite how despairing the journey is.

Let’s keep moving forward, and tomorrow I will see you again, and remember stay spooky.

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