There sure are a lot of cameras happening around the world, and they could be capturing some pretty spooky things. What kind of spooky things could be seen on different cameras that could be a terrifying encounter. What about umm… a ghost, and a ghost, maybe a ghost, possibly a ghost, it could even be a ghost, don’t forget about a ghost. Ghost is very vague but um, not in this case. Every ghost is the Ju-On grudge or Ring girl and if you look directly into their face it looks like someone got really bored and tried to draw something spooky in MS paint.

Kowabon is dreadfully repetitive and a disappointing fright show. Which is a shame because, it is a neat concept. Scenes are acted out and than later rotoscoped by drawing over them. The effect itself is alright, the art itself is pretty unpolished and hard to look at. On the other hand the capturing of subtle movements does present a real human aspect to these characters. Again, would have been neat if we established actually characters instead of just random people with no distinct personality possibly excluding the final episode. The show also just doesn’t do enough to justify the gimmick. If it is “anime” than draw the backgrounds, polish the settings, create atmosphere do something. Rotoscoping is very bare minimum, use some creative liberties and maybe create some un-humanoid things with very realistic movement.

It’s very simple technophobia….maybe. If anything it is cool the different perspectives they were able to get from security cameras, to webcams, to phones. Yet most of the time it just feels like Five Nights At Freddy’s but without the jumpscare. Oh no, a thing moved. Spooky. There’s a couple in there that stand out as being interesting but unfortunately not enough to elevate the general gist of the show. It’s one of those where it is inventive enough that if someone did this back in college I would have been blown away by the creativity but as a series of shorts…no. 3/10 do better.

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