Concession Confession: Honestly, anyone who makes SOME effort…could do better with time and practice. Doesn’t seem very edjumacated, and appears to really struggle with ENG/LIT. If you can get passed all that and his pitiful excuse of a Sailor Moon drawing, he’s just a meanie and probably should stop pretending to be a surgeon and receive capitol punishment.

Logline: Welcome to K at the Movies. I’m just leaving some thoughts about movies I’ve seen recently or movie news. Just a hobby of trying to practice film criticism that I hope people out there can enjoy. You taking the time to read my thoughts is always appreciated. (This is literally the about page for years and boy is it descript).

There’s somewhat of a mystery brewing on the internet and I don’t get it. No it’s not who is K at the Movies is? We all know the answer is…*checks K name Kalendar* Kevin. No the mystery is what kind of insane lunatics actually indulge in such nonsensical dripple to allow this weirdo to have an audience. It might make my blood boil that I just might START BOLDING MY WORDS FOR EMPHASIS. It’s rather strange, as of my review this blog will have just reached 500 WP Followers and a 100K views this week… that’s a lot of K’s. So what’s the good, the bad, and the probably ugly truth about this guy that made this unlikely milestone happen.

Then and Now

Well at least I can state one positive and it seems like K has certainly grown up. I mean don’t get me wrong it still makes me sick, but at least I only puke once reading K’s content now. The visuals have always been a big part of this blog’s identity and at the very least it does give it sort of a unique feel despite still using a free WordPress plan I would assume. I will respect the attempt to be bold and brash but it really does more often than not belong in the trash.

I think in the last image we see something that really persists as maybe how K at the Movies gained an audience. It’s because K is always around people much cooler than him. K has been featured on successful bloggers who actually know how to follow a schedule and make content that actually is insightful and not full of grammatical mistakes. K is a coattail rider and whether it is being featured on I Drink and Watch Anime, Movie Babble, Jon Spencer Reviews, Cold Brew Calls, or The Moyatorium he is always the worst part of these collaborations. You might think that now that K at the Movies reached 500 Followers that it sort of validates a place at the grown-up table but maybe if he wrote in a way that suggested he could eat mash potatoes without getting it all over himself than I could get behind that.

Trip Down Memory Lane

I just wanted to present the mural and a slideshow of some of the hits or more memorable moments from K at the Movies. If it proves one thing its that K really needs to pick a lane. For a movie blog there’s a lot of not movies here. K at the Movies will also bring in different personas that feel like an imaginary friend you had at 5 years old. I think “Dude Sports Guy” speaks for itself in terms of the maturity behind the creativity of these characters.

Overall it’s just very juvenile and not that funny. It’s content for babies who want to get angry at people who actually know how to make good things. Plus what an Ego, like dude you’re not even that good at 2048. Personally, I would of pushed the blocks to the down right corner and would have made the video like 5 hours long. Like I hear this guy act like he’s really cool and I’m sure the reason he usually is too lazy to draw a face on his avatar is because it would be just extremely punch-able. Listen to this guy and tell me you don’t hate how arrogant and wannabe intelligent it comes across.

I’m a ghoul.

– K at the Movies

I’m conflicted because I feel like there’s not a lack of trying but it makes it kind of sad that their is effort put into this. Why did it take you so long to reach that many followers? How have you been writing for years now and you’re still bad at it? K at the Movies has been about building from the ground up. Not being afraid to experiment, and to subvert expectations and what is expected from a blog creator. While it is always in poor execution it is somewhat neat how he attempts satire or different forms of content or treat every subject matter as a special case instead of confining it to a strict review format or simple top 10 lists. I hope K at the Movies gets better but its probably going to die out soon as everyone gets tired of someone who relies too heavily on gimmicky concepts. 500 followers is probably the last accomplishment this loser will ever achieve but hey it’s been a ride this far.

3 Lemurs out of 10

Rating: 3 out of 10.

Pull Back the Curtain

If I could take a step back and peel back the curtain….yay, I did it. 500 Followers, 100K views, and you’re reading post #500. Kind of crazy that it all happened within days of each other but makes this moment feel all the more special. I don’t like talking numbers because the benchmarks are so obscured. Is 500 followers to 500 posts just a sad pathetic ratio that I should be embarrassed by it….yeah probably. But then I got to step back and realize I did it: without a fixed schedule, I did it without hiatus, I did it without sticking to one genre, I did it covering obscure talking points, I never talked about porn, I did it without IRL people I know boosting my numbers, and I did it before turning 24. I broke all the rules and I still got here…for whatever that’s worth.

Everyone’s journey her is different so success is relative, you got to live like that or you’ll hate yourself. I don’t really need excuses to do that. At the same time, I know a lot of you who aren’t at 500 and either probably should be or would probably not appreciate me saying “whatever, it sucks” because there’s a billion people ahead of you. 500 followers, or 500 posts or even 100K views when someone’s cat is doing triple those numbers on TikTok and on a weekly basis. That’s like celebrating taking 5 steps and quitting a marathon. Here on the internet we compete with people who choose to be however they want to be. You can be an anthropomorphic cat loli or a disgustingly rich person or a looney old man who thinks the Earth we inhabit is bagel shaped. In a way I play the game ,but also I kind of choose to be me. For whatever that’s worth.

This post I decided to make not to flex or boast or brag or anything of the sort. 1) It exists to prove that I am a fuck-up. I don’t necessarily want to read my old posts but I like to think I make success and the respect of your peers seem obtainable. I’m on a free plan, I made graphics on PowerPoint, I didn’t do anything as much as I should, I am failing upwards. I mean if I can do it, you can probably do so much better. 2) I have so much better care for what I’ve been able to achieve that looking back…it’s nice that I’ve progressed so much. I like getting to see what I’ve build and keeping points to look back upon it. You only get to make your 500th post once and instead of nonchalantly reviewing Doogal like it was every other day of the week I decided to at least attempt something special. For whatever that is worth.

Honestly, K at the Movies has changed my life and none of you will fully understand it. It’s a bunch of stupid nonsense all the time, but like oh man has it giving me somethings I’ve wanted but never figured I’d obtain it like this. I used to be scared and afraid that I would die alone and never proud of anything I’ve done in life.

I’ve found so much amazing people online that I don’t take a single one of them for granted. The fact that I’ve been able to make people laugh, and enjoy themselves and just be open-minded about exploring different things and think about why they enjoy what they like….. I’m happy about that. That’s awesome, that I’m a black sheep and an odd sheep but I still feel embraced by a community of writers. I’ll never be satisfied, I hope one day I can make something that isn’t garbage but I can at least say I feel like I’m where I need to be and I don’t regret getting here.

There’s too many people to personally thank for that, I’m sorry I won’t say nice things about everyone. You’re all awesome and keep on, keeping on. That said, Jon Spencer cool guy. I didn’t know you could have such a homie, such an awesome friendship just purely online I hope we continue to do stupid nonsense together. Scott (that’s Mechanical Anime Reviews BTW, we’re cool like that by the way) and Irina have been unspoken mentor figures to me. I know I’m not special as a lot of people feel positive towards them but they’ve been the model to conduct yourself online: be passionate, be humble, be incredibly yourself and you’ll benefit from it.

Finally, I just want to close this by talking to a specific you in the audience. You the person who now gets to say that you told me so. I did tell them, I would never reach 500 followers and I mean if I was going to be wrong for once in my life… I choose a fortunate time to be so. You know who you are, and all of this could disappear tomorrow but the fact that I met you through all of this made it a journey well worth it. Little known fact, but I’m actually been a huge Suns fan since I was five. I might of mentioned it once or twice but I don’t expect you to have caught that minor detail in whatever passing mentions that would have been in.

I finally got to see my childhood dream of seeing them play in the NBA Finals. Even if they won, that would have been the 2nd greatest thing to happen this year to me.

So you see, as much as I present such total CHAD energy I’ve never been in a romantic relationship before. Let me tell ya, I couldn’t ask for anyone better. I am dating someone who is tremendously kind, and amazing and adventurous and someone who is full of hope and drive to make a great future together… I can’t find all the right words to fully appreciate them. I’m sorry, I’m not the most warm or enthusiastic person but I’ve chatted with you for over a year and I don’t regret a second of it. You’ve gotten me to value myself despite the pretty glaring faults, and have an outlook of a future worth chasing.

You know I make no promise of what might happen in the future, but know I love you and I look forward to what we end up doing together. It’s not easy for anyone and every relationship has its fair share of obstacles but there’s no one I’d rather have by my side. Hell or high water, you chose me to make dream a reality and I hate to disappoint. Let’s make the future happen.

Yeah I mean she’s the best and I’m the luckiest. Hope that wasn’t too much for you guys, just want you to know that she’s an incredibly sweet and endearing person and you should know that… even though I know most of you do.

I’m not the same person I was when I started this site. I like to think I’ve changed for the better. It’s been one hell of a ride but hopefully you’ll stick around a little longer. I appreciate any and all of you, thanks for being here. I hope you’re happy and let’s see what’s yet to come here at the movies.

I’ve seen other people do something special fan to commemorate something like this and I just have no clue what you people want. I will be covering spooky things all October so it will have to wait. Do you want another Q & A, do you want me to let one of you pick the next thing I review, maybe you want me to make part 2 to 6 fanarts, or Carnival of Souls or all of those other abandoned projects?

Maybe I should open a Kofi now that I’m legit-ish now? It’s never been about money but I also wouldn’t say I don’t need it. I know I’m not the nicest guy or anyone’s favorite but I always want just the ability to keep improving and growing and see what we can do creatively and writing wise. I want success, and to be accomplished but I’ve always wanted to be someone worth rooting for. People might not think that I am, and to each their own but I’m glad I could be that random friend who’s ready Deku it out, when in doubt. Engage in the comments, might get some interesting ones in this self-indulge long winded strange confessional self-reflective bizarre written article.

Brevity is the soul of wit, and brevity I am not. Thank you for staying this long, I hope you have a tremendous day ahead of you. BYE.

16 thoughts on “I Review The WORST Blog on The Internet

    1. Haha it reads like an ad in someways like “oh, you didn’t catch that one, what’s the deal with that”. Thought it would be interesting to just put references and aspects of a lot of the posts fully encompass what K at the Movies is as a whole. Only time will tell but hopefully there’s more to come. Also can’t believe there was a time where I honestly believe I couldn’t generate running gags or memes. Oh how times a change.


    1. Thank you, you’re one of the best so I appreciate praise by such a veteran writer. Plus you’re on of the few I remember liking some of the early movie reviews which were….. rough to say the least. Thanks, I appreciate it and hey if I ever do another combining effort, I’ll have you in mind.


  1. Congratulations K! I’m happy you are doing well and are doing so great! I guess I really have studied my K lore, as Jon says, because this post was completely understandable. I hope you have some good times going forward too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I don’t know about that, if I do you’ll be at what a million by than. Met at 100-ish and glad to see you’re still around, making your own great stuff still. I’m not one for alcoholic beverages but maybe we can share a drink over Otherside Picnic Season 2, that would be fun. Regardless, hope you’re still doing well. and life is treating you as well as you deserve.


    1. Thanks Aria, I mean I barely know all tje references I appreciate anyone who knows any lore. Why do I have lore? Thanks for the kind words hope we both have many more posts and memories to share. Have a good one


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