Oh wow did you see me do that little collab on The Moyatorium. Well if you didn’t…leave. Go give that a read first, this will make more sense as to what is going on. Basically we both deciding to randomly chose anime that the other person has seen, and than draw a character from that show or movie in 5 minutes.

If you can’t tell I will be the one that sucks at drawing, meaning that all the odd number drawings are yours truly, and all the even numbers are Moya’s. I decided the best way to reveal the answers is to use the image compare block. Yes, I won’t stop until people start calling it the K at the Movies block, I want ownership over it.

It’s easy to judge but, I mean hey set a 5 minute timer and try to draw an anime character, it ain’t easy. Thanks to Moya for letting me host on her site, it was just great getting to draw and talk with her. Below is complete spoilers for that post so, you have been warned. Where you able to get them all right, how good or bad are they now that you know what was attempted?

Aoi Miyamori – Shirobako

Tsumugi “Mugi” KotobukiK-On! Movie

Sunako Kirishiki – Shiki

Sachiko Fujinuma – Erased

Phosphophyllite ‘Phos’ – Land of the Lustrous

Angela Balzac – Expelled From Paradise

Himari Takakura – Penguindrum

Uguu Girl – Kodak

Fuu KasumiSamurai Champloo

Sorao Kamikoshi – Otherside Picnic

Girl – Angel’s Egg

Shouko “Shou-chan” Nishimiya – A Silent Voice

Sakura MatouFate/stay night Movie: Heaven’s Feel – II. Lost Butterfly

Nazuna Oikawa – Fireworks

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