It’s unfortunate to learn but my design tastes have become….outdated. K at the Movies has always had the stylistic flavor of “aggressively amateur” design. My logo is just not hip and cool anymore. Something I should probably not worry about since I change it about every other month but still, how do I look more modern, and professional? Well the solution might be one simple word…minimalism.

Spreading like wildfire it appears that every brand is getting a makeover to make the most simple of vectors their logos. Logos used to be an artistic craft that top-notch designs found ways to make striking and visually appealing representation of each brand identity. Now it’s just how can I do something so simplistic and devoid of detail that even infants can see and recognize what my logo is. Take a look at these videos and you’ll see that this is more than just a couple minor changes.

I’ve seen the changing world, and I accept it. I have to be a leader by following everyone else. However, I am not selfish and to prove the growing need to be a minimalist design or get lost with clunky and unnecessary designs… I need to do my part to help. So I the greatest designer to ever bless the WordPress blogging space am not only going to modernize and update my own logo but I’m going to help my friends get a little more user-friendly as well. Below is my gallery of dare I say fixed blogging brands who can thank me for helping them head into the future.

K at the Movies Before and After

Of course after acknowledging the beauty of being trendy, I was going to follow suit. Let’s address the atrocities of the most recognizable K logo. First off 5 colors, what are we Jackson-Pollack? Make it more subdue with a white background, move the dark gray to the K and brighten up the Red ring to pop more.

Initially I considered removing the top hat, as less is more in the minimal design philosophy. However, I would rather not be considered a Radioshack knockoff. If you want to have fun in your logo, relegate it to your font choices. Using the Kingthings Sans font, K at the Movies has a unique letters that as you read K at the Movies… you go “yeah, that’s K at the Movies”.

It’s enough to keep it from being too simple as if trying to trademark the letter K, but enough to give it credit as a distinguishable design. (If I can pull the satire curtain for a second, yeah these are supposed to be taken not so seriously but, this is actually pretty clean and really nice. Maybe I should consider using it as the default, or finding a way to incorporate a little more detail and personality, maybe that’s just me. Let me know if you unironically like it or not).

100 Word Anime Before and After


Now with this minimalized redesign you might be thinking, who in their right mind would pay someone who’s million dollar idea is two rectangles. I would argue that I am merely a simpleton, in that I keep it simple a ton of times. You might be scoffing off at the lack of the vibrancy that was well done in the before picture. Yet, by saying less we might just be saying more.

If designer brands have taught me anything you want a logo that looks you could slap it onto…LITERALLY ANYTHING. Ask yourself, can I put my company logo on a pair of chopsticks, or a crow bar, or maybe just a brick. You never know when brand-loyalty could put you into some unexpected merchandising opportunities…like with the people buying bricks. As displayed above you can see our logo is able to convey 100 word Anime but in a way that is flexible to different color backdrops.

In the spirt of minimalism, we just had to drop the “word” literally. I mean Karandi doesn’t even write just 100 word reviews anymore and I just value people’s time too much to not force them to say more. It also allows your logo to transcend your own personal brand. I like 100 anime and I think it’s a cool design, I can buy into it without even knowing what or where it belongs. That’s the beauty of it.

Animanga Spellbook

Basically you judge a minimal design by how does it look on any degree of gray background. You should value how good it looks on the gray background and completely ignore how amateur my execution of concept is. You know how the current Fire Fox logo kind of looks like a fox, well this kind of looks like a book…if you’ve never seen one of those. Which if we’re talking about Gen Z, that’s a real possibility.

Take basic lines and shapes to illustrate a common icon that looks like it could belong to literally any business. Is this a quaint little coffee shop, maybe a publishing company, maybe a neat anime/manga centric blog… I don’t know. It’s a very clean look that is very presentable. Not the worst design I’ve done for Aria.

The Backloggers Before and After

This is a tricky one. How do we simplify one circle? Well the problem is that they’re having too much fun with this font. Now didn’t I earlier say that fonts is where you have you’re fun…….yes. This is too much, eww gross get it out of here. So how do we optimize and minimalize this very simple logo into something modern and trendy.

Besides being a polished edit, but when it comes to logo design people love purposeful design. By introducing 3 circles which is easier to trademark than a single circle, but it also references the 3 Backlogger writers. Shifting the weight, it sort of ripples and from large to small we are sort of traveling back. The design sort of takes you there and back as a neat effect. Why is the K sort of wedged in the middle of the Venn diagram? Are they secretly really into back klogging, or is my affinity for that letter running rampant in my other designs? I think we call it a design quirk, because then you just have Coolvetica in a bunch of circles and that might not be as eye catching as it should be. If people are questioning your design they are technically interacting with your brand and your identity. See we can be minimal and corporate and we can still have fun.

The Search for No. 9

I love Cameron’s gimmick just his blog can be hard to establish a corporate identity so I get to experiment a lot from scratch. A common theme with minimalism is how can I take the most simple concept but make it distinct enough to make it a logo. Obviously we can make a pretty fancy looking 9 and that could be our logo and I was look for the perfect number 9 to use when I stumbled upon the font dacasa. Well dacasa is su casa because that doesn’t look like a 9 because that is a very alien looking roman numeral. I see that IX and I say hey, slap a circle on top of that and all of a sudden you have a little guy watching TV.

Make a simple blue lighting effect and all of a sudden it looks like someone glued to their screen, late at night. Which if you’re obsessively looking for the next great show, or spending your time blogging I’m sure there’s a few late nights involved. I don’t know for the font, I could argue that it almost reminds me of Adventure comics which could allude to the Otakusphere posts that do have a comic aesthetic to them. Simple but effective, I hope I kept the minimalist higher ups proud.

I Drink and Watch Anime

This one just is abhorrently not minimal enough. Yet, it felt like I just needed to get this design out of my head finally. Basically composed this one out of simple vector images and the end result is, what seems to be a pleasant looking business card. Ah yes, everyone’s 3 favorite verbs that their mom has hanging up in their kitchen, “Drink, Watch, Anime”.

While it’s too much color to be fully optimized it still is blunt and to the point. The design sort of speaks for itself. I know you’re wondering if I will every stop riding these coattails and…no, I probably won’t. Irina has a very chic color scheme and a simple message that’s easy to get across. Hope it does her fun and zany antics justice. Without being too quirky of course, we are trying to be minimal here.

Jon Spencer Reviews Before and After

Some might argue that Jon Spencer has just as much design credentials as I do, if not more. So we can all agree that this is a massive upgrade and clearly superior design. Sorry but 3D elements was so last decade, it’s time to flatten it up. Every logo can be done with simple geometric shapes. Initially I thought can we get away with just taking a question mark and an exclamation point as the tie and make that the entire design. Maybe that’s the future, but a simple pentagon and triangle combo is sort of a suit and we’re living on easy street.

Old JS used serif fonts and we don’t do that anymore, as serifs are not clean and sleek and modern looking. No, instead we chose maybe the most deadpan, soulless font that certainly exists. Is this logo for a design agency or a law firm or dollar store? Who’s to say, but we removed the hat because that’s just too much unnecessary extra detail that we don’t need. Also I’m wearing a hat and I’m only design 1 hat per session. It’s hard enough to tell our brands apart enough, just let me have the damn hat.

Infinite Zenith

You see what I did there, I mean this is a pretty descript logo. It’s got the infinity sign, bloggers use computer mice to blog. Zenith is pretty smart, sure he’ll appreciate the wit of my craft. I think this one is pretty indicative of the emoji-fication of logos, where you want it to be snappy and look like a small little icon. This is that, but good, it’s pretty great if I get to toot my own horn.

The Moyatorium Before and After

This is a common technique in the modern design world that we call oversimplification. Take something unique and cool and with artistic integrity and throw that all away. Why draw many arrows when one do trick? Yes this looks like a fitness app icon but, does it not just say so little that it just might just be saying nothing at all. I’d argue that there’s nothing simpler and when you have achieved that, you have mastered the art of minimalist logo design.

Moya is a cool artist and one of my favorite bloggers even if our blogs don’t cross paths as often as they probably should. So hope she enjoys which, it’s so minimal how could you not?

Shoujo Thoughts

I stacked 4 hearts on top of each other, glued them together and called that unique shape a logo. I’m a graphic design genius! The end result we have something that looks like candy, maybe a cloud at least something sweet that matches Shoujo Thoughts really well. Sometimes an odd shape is all you need, like if you can recognize this shape which is not very common than you’re one step closer to brand recognition.

Your Welcome!

I’m glad I could help make all my friends more forward and trendy and remember, Business Insider said that studies show that minimalist and non-descript logos come across as “less authentic” and “less likeable”. Things I’m sure aren’t important to blogging in which the only product you are selling is likability of your authentic self. Whoopsie!

What are your thoughts on the recent trend towards minimalism? Which designs do you enjoy out of this bunch? Should I consider doing something similar to this in the future, let me know who you’d like to see get a blog make-over? Of course making this post might have been a little more effort than your “Top 5 Seinfeld characters” or “summary of the thing I liked this week” or your typical web content. Please consider liking or following, or sharing this on one of your socials. It helps make anything more ambitious like this feel worth continuing to do in the future.

Thanks for reading you are all wonderful people, I hope to have you hear next time here at the movies!

10 thoughts on “Helping My Blogging Friends Become More Trendy with Minimalist Brand Designs!

  1. Haha, some of those were actually good lol XD

    Man this trend has been so silly, but the come and go like anything else. I’m quite happy with my existing branding, but I did like the one you made for me. Anyway, great article, fun stuff 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I like to keep it fun, work on getting better at creating all sorts of things, promote the good people and have a laugh. I’m glad to see this post is doing well, must be doing something right

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Okay, SO, I had just come out of the scary dentist office when I saw this post and it made me laugh SO hard, in the BEST way. Thanks so much for the new logo, K, and just so you know, silliness aside, you’re good at this! (And, as always, I like your writing style, but you probably already know that!)

    Liked by 1 person

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