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The funny thing is that Lola Bunny’s hyper-sexualization might be McDonald’s fault of all people. Original concept art for Daisy Lou or Lola Rabbit is very tame compared to the end design. So what happened? Space Jam being the heavily marketing event that it was got in a little trouble with it’s McDonald’s sponsors. The Golden Arches allegedly refused to sell Lola Rabbit toys. The problem being that Bug’s Girlfriend resembles a teenage girl, we are not selling her in happy meals.

It appears that the Warner Bros, animation team decided to overcompensate for that critique and if they wanted an adult Lola Bunny, they were getting a design that was clearly an adult. A design that was done without the assistance of Looney Tunes legend Chuck Jones put it this way:

in his opinion, Lola Bunny is a character with no future, she’s a totally worthless character with no personality. He didn’t like Lola or the idea and comedy of “Space Jam” at all.

However, Jones was wrong sort of. Lola Bunny has stood the test of time as an 90s animation icon, had a fun stint in The Looney Tunes Show, and was a big deal in this reboot. A fan favorite for sure and the Twitter discourse is intriguing to say the least.

Lola Bunny Redesign Controversy

So what was the deal with Lola Bunny, well people are weird, that’s fur sure. As for this movie, Lola Bunny is oddly promoted while simultaneously sidelined. Lola Bunny has much more opportunities to become a larger more prominent character but also fails to establish any sort of personality or dimension to her character.

She has so much more lines and influence over the first half of the movie. She actively feels part of the group and she does act as a motivator and more of the straight man that LeBron can communicate rationally with. I mean they give here a whole sequence to her doing some more of those Them Themyscira Olympic games. I didn’t care for it, the comic book style looked kind of crude and I’m sorry but the Wonder Woman theme is just annoying at this point. It was cool maybe the first couple of times but now it’s just becoming the next Wilhelm scream, or Johnny Test wipe sound effect.

Lola Got No Game?

Zendaya Voices Lola Bunny in 'Space Jam 2'

The big issue is that Lola Bunny, the believed 2nd best basketball player on the Tune Squad does nothing the entire 2nd half of the movie. Besides replicating the Dwayne Wade alley-oop, I don’t even remember her scoring a basket. At least in the first movie she influenced the plot by having Bugs take a hard hit for her and rewarding his sacrifice with her affection.

I know it is shallow and probably outdated but at least that is some degree of cause and effect that this character had on the game. At the very least in the original, you would have to rewrite the script if you took out Lola Bunny. Sure it would be minor things shuffled around but you could honestly give all her dialogue to Bugs or another Toon and nothing skips a beat. Somehow that feels kind of worse.

Lola’s Ultimate Evolution

So Lola Bunny is a character that people admire for shallow reasons in the original. She’s the sexy jock girl that provided the minimal role of boosting the teams odds of victory and being someone Bugs Bunny would be smitten with. She’s pretty much just Kate Veach from Dodgeball, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The new Lola Bunny is a character only admired for shallow reasons as well. She’s indictive of the female girl boss fantasy and is more something to praise as the product of the culture shift of less pandering to the male gaze and more adjusted to messages of woman empowerment even if this examples is shallow as the character does very little to feel “empowered”. There’s nothing wrong with that either, the times have changed and there’s nothing wrong with reinvention. I think the aforementioned Looney Tunes Show of the early 2010’s is a great example of better reinvention.

Kristen Wiig did such a refreshing portrayal that gave Lola Bunny a personality and one that played well off the other Toons. She was someone who influenced the plot and had emotions and flaws and other aspects to her character that was entertaining to watch. Sure you can get some enjoyment out of both betrayals of this character and neither is inherently flawed or as bad as detractors make it out to be. To be honest, I think both miss the mark on making a resoundingly enjoyable “character” that solidifies her current standing as a fan-favorite Toon.

I’m Donnie Lemonie and I keep your news just like you like it…….. Tweet & Sour.

4 thoughts on “Space Jam Hoop-la over Lola Bunny – Tweet*Tea*Birds

  1. I don’t even have a Twitter account, but I did hear about the controversy including some people using the “go to horny jail” Doge meme about Lola Bunny. Even on AEW of all places, Max Caster from The Acclaimed did his typical rap shtick for that tag team’s entrance where he freestyles some insults to his opponents and there was one line where he said something like “I’m gonna flatten up your chest like Lola Bunny!”. My jaw dropped hearing that line even though I knew he was referring to kicking someone’s chest in and it was one of the craziest bars he’s spit since the “oral sessions” line involving Renee Young (Jon “Don’t call me Dean Ambrose” Moxley’s wife) in regards to her podcast of the same name. Anyways, this is quite ambitious of you for tackling on Space Jam from so many angles on your blog.

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    1. Ah neat I mean the Lola bunny thing has been a talking point currently. Hope AEW has been fun it seems like an interesting new wrestling product. Yeah I mean I guess it’s ambitious, it just makes sense as it illustrates the whole advertisement and synergy angle and how distracting and silly it could be while also sort of utilizing some of my blogging history in an effective way. Hope you enjoyed this was fun to do

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      1. Yeah, and I didn’t realize that controversy would be that huge. I’m not knee-deep into AEW as much as I was when it was brand new, but I do catch clips here and there whenever I can so I know what’s going on. When it comes to Progress, that’s a different story since I’ve been watching every chapter show since they restarted last February since they’ve been delivering more often than not despite the empty arena shows in COVID-world. My interest in indie BritWres has grown over the past couple of years and the fact I made two posts this month on Iridium Eye involving that subject doesn’t help. Hahaha!

        Going back on topic, this does seem like a wacky version of “controversy creates cash” for Warner Brothers. While there is legitimate criticism about Lola’s original design in the first Space Jam movie with her being furry-bait, there are worse things in the world to harp about. It does play into your content on your blog.

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