What’s up dudes, it’s your guy… Dude Sports Guy. The most talked about topic in sports THE GOAT DEBATE. No longer can we appreciate that there’s talent spread across the league. Now we only possessively discuss about 5 guys and one of them hasn’t played basketball in 2 decades. Let’s put everything under a microscope and compare LeBron James Space Jam performance to Jordan’s to discuss how it impacts the GOAT debate.

The Stat Sheet

Well in terms of raw stats, you could say that MJ had the better game. Some would accuse these box score stats as misleading as LeBron did have more points and how much should his style points (or Mickey Mouse) points factor in. The fact of the matter is that LeBron was carried, and not by Lola and Bugs. LeBron’s legacy was saved by Wile E. Coyote, Roadrunner, and the Notorious P.I.G. who each outscored King James.

King James ruled like a dictator and didn’t let his Tunes be Looney, he was holding them back. He wasn’t letting them do them, and as soon as they were acting like themselves again the Tune Squad bounced back. The Super Genius Wile. E. Coyote scored so much that he was practically putting himself through the hoop.

Of course King James fans have their excuses ready. Talk about bias officiating! White Mamba has Lola in a choke all game and Wet-Fire is practically a walking foul if you think about it. So clearly we were almost to levels of Scott Foster bad officiating. But if you’re the GOAT, The King; I’m sorry but I’m a need you to take more than 5 shots in a game in which your legacy is on the line.

Beyond the Game

It’s hard to not give them credit for different aspects of their films. LeBron is definitely taking the harder road out. LeBron is actually caring out a character arc and learns a lesson and is acting beyond playing himself. LeBron is doing much more to influence the plot and be involved in the first half of the film.

That said, LeBron did take the easy way out in a lot of areas. MJ was at the studio dribbling balls against a bunch of green screen dudes. MJ thrived in any environment and made the most of what he was dealing with. LeBron let’s animators animate him so he can record half the movie in a cushy sound booth and read his lines instead of act them out.

In the end, it just might be true that LeBron lacked Mike’s Secret Stuff. LeBron is a great athlete and his Space Jam performance was fun and rightfully iconic. However, he can’t shake that he’s following in MJ’s foot steps. LeBron is always trying to prove that he has “it” but the strongest argument is that MJ never felt like he had to prove anything. MJ was “it” and he showed up, played some ball with some Looney Tunes and people loved it. MJ and the Tune Squad was enough to feel special, LeBron needs all of Warner Bros entertainment to convince you that he’s just as special.

But who is your Space Jam GOAT? Who would win a Space Jam Slam Dunk contest? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for debating sports with me, until next time see you dudes later!

5 thoughts on “Space Jam: A New Legacy Is Lebron vs MJ

  1. Nice stat breakdown. I haven’t seen the sequel since it does look like it’s part of the endless stream of nostalgia pandering and lacking any originality. Those were some interesting points you gave for both basketball players.

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