Concessions Confession: Everything leading up to this made me believe this was going to be a disastrous spectacle that I just couldn’t miss out on. However, it ends up being a mixed-bag of horrific and terrific as for every improvement to the original it missteps with noticeable flaw.

Logline: LeBron upsets Warner Bros. Al. G. Rhythm who forces him to partake in a basketball game to win back his son figuratively and literally. With the fate of LeBron’s Insta followers on the line, can the King recruit the right team with the help of Bugs Bunny

I don’t know if a movie has given me as much of a violent whiplash as Space Jam: A New Legacy. There’s moments where it is demonstrable bad but than there are times of fun and silly looney antics. Maybe it’s just me but I…enjoy Space Jam….if I don’t consider it a movie. As a movie it is bad, there’s a lot of reckless and questionable creative designs, the plot is bloated and poorly thought out. It’s shameless promotion of product over storytelling and is just despicable in its self-indulgence.

So I just consider Space Jam a unique Summer Blockbuster event. The might be corny if judged like a movie but if you just want Looney Tunes being Looney and to watch some wild fantasy basketball between fictional characters… it delivers. I mean c’mon it’s a movie about a celebrity playing basketball with cartoon characters…the premise is stupid. While I think you could have made something shorter, and could have been more fun…it’s not the worst thing ever. If anything Space Jam 2 is more forgettable and relying on older memes than taking advantage of it’s become a meme cash-cow of its own.

The Gangs All Here:

I mean I am in the consensus that Space Jam 2 is a giant conglomerate advertisement that is just shilling Warner Bros and HBO Max. I mean how shameless do you have to be to just grotesquely market yourself and various aspects of your own product with no shame or reservations. It’s distracting and devalues the entire experience to be constantly promoting other things instead of lending focus to the task at hand.

In certainly unrelated and not meta-commentary news, this film is about assembly an epic team so in order to do it justice I think I got to bring out mine. Here’s my elite squad of content reviewers who each took different aspects of the film and compiled their own reviews. Who cares if you get all the references I am using Space Jam to give you a little bit of everything sort of as a vehicle to display all the great shit I make.

Please go check out the rest of my starting 5 and explore the K-verse at your discretion:

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The Memer LemurTop 10 Space Jam Meme Scenes
Dude Sports GuyLeBron vs MJ

Hope you enjoy my squad, and go see Space Jam at the movies!

Follow the Link here if you’d like to take an interactive journey across or snazzy trip across space:

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