C’mon on it was always going to be the meme event of the summer and oh boy did it deliver. It’s the Filithy Memer here, I don’t even make content but I am recognizable so, yes even I get to jump into this 5 part Space Jam review. Here’s my top 10 slam-dank memes of a New Legacy.

10. Rick and Morty Cameo

All the fanboys doing mental gymnastics of how they’re still the anti-corporate rhetoric while being one of the biggest sell-outs right now is pretty funny. To be fair, you have to have a very high I.Q. to understand that Super Bowl Ads and corporate sponsors are all part of the guise of consumer manipulation.

Rick and Morty is giving the Lorax a run for his money as an anti-capitalist being the most frequent corporate sponsor hog wash. It’s sad really but hey when Peppy-le-Pew and Lola Bunny boobies was too much for to kids to handle. Show them this silly cartoon were a grotesque alien tries to rape a minor…which is okay and not problematic at all. Haha schezwan sauce.

9. LeBron is the Dab Dad

Unprompted and jarring LeBron hits us with a dab. It’s almost framed as a running joke that he does on a weekly basis. I think that’s something to note, is that when this movie wants to shoe-horn something it, it sort of just slams on the brakes, drops it in, and than runs a red light to pretend like it never happened.

8. Michael Jordan Cameo

Hahahahahaha get it, it’s funny. Honestly, I liked this joke no cap. It was well set up and it was a nice bait and switch. I just wish that this film wasn’t so indulgent because it would have been funnier if it was just looked like some average looking random guy instead of Mr B. One of the funnier scenes so give a raise to whichever of the 6 writers came up with that one.

7. Notorious P.I.G.

I remember when the Animaniacs did it, and it was actually good.

Porky Pig raps against nobody and wins. I mean come on you had Dame Dolla on the other team. At least make him earn it a little bit. I guess nobody wanted to have to work or act at all during this. If we spread the focus around enough basically we can hire everyone for a day or 2.

6. Not LeBron’s Best Performance

I mean it’s a shame that Lebron’s acting is being considered wooden because, we all know he’s a world class actor on the court. No disrespect to LeBron’s on court achievements but he can be quite…theatrical at times. Unfortunately no style points rewarded for treating an eye-poke like a gun shot wound.

5. Bobby Knight Reference

Don Cheeto has a lot of scenery-chewing scenes but probably was his random reference to the ultimate crazy side-line antics. I still to this day just can’t believe Bob Knight had the gaud to toss a chair and everyone just watch it spin like a Beyblade to the other side of the court. Space Jam definitely has it’s sports references down.

4. LeBron is Robin

Robin gets a lot of play in this film, First in DC superhero world which looks nothing like the doom and gloom of the Hack Snyderverse. Bugs is of course the Batman while LeBron is the robin. Also the classic 60’s Robin has courtside seats and is very enthusiastic about the game. A lot of the courtside cameos look like 20 seconds of looped footage of vague cheering motions and it’s pretty funny how absurd the whole crowd is reaction to nothing.

3. What in the Matrix Hell?

I’m just going to put this out there. Scooby-Doo, Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, The Lego movie, Tom and Jerry? Maybe just maybe, you could of highlighted more kid-friendly properties than The Matrix, Austin Powers, Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, Mad Max and Casablanca? I mean all there references are fair, they all have an undeniably iconography to them but does Scooby-Doo and Wizard of Oz not? I don’t know their Family Guy style gags just seem lazy. That’s why I think anyone saying that this is just a kid’s movie is dumb as a brick. Yeah, it’s fine if children’s entertainment is not the most artistic of adventures but this is a thinly-veiled advertisement and a lot of audience was nostalgic adults. You geared the film towards the adults, you get adult criticism.

2. Kevin Hart Short Joke

They had a completely unique and untapped comedic potential. They made fun of Kevin Hart by calling him short. It was funny. HAHA.


Oh my god, they did it! We won, gamers Big Chungus was put into the movie and I laughed so hard I had a heart attack and was dead af. 10/10 movie. Space Jam you beautiful child.

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