Chris Paul (2021-)

I love CP3, and I’ve always thought CP3 was a great player. He’s a great veteran leader and a remarkable playmaker. His midrange game from the elbow is insane. Paul is cooking and he’s helped bring the Suns back into the conversation and made a deep playoff run to a team that suffered an intense drought.

That said, he’s making me lose years of my life. Dealing with a shoulder injury and now being put into Covid protocol. COULD YOU HAVE ANY WORSE OF LUCK!? Paul is a tremendous player, and his game is so great just it’s been one year guy and obviously I believe that guys who have or will be more valued higher than a “rental”. Paul is someone who could rise as it comes but I feel good putting him in A- Tier for the time being. Bring a championship or play a couple more years and he will obviously rise up.

Cam Payne (2020-)

Cam Payne is my guy, he’s pretty much new Barbosa. He shoots with so much confidence, he slashes to the basket with such grace, and he plays with so much energy it’s hard not to like. Payne turned into a monster in the bubble and I’m so glad to bring him back. Payne wasn’t scared to drive on LeBron and actually scored on him a few times. Call him Sid the Sloth from Ice Age all you want he’s spectacular and I’m honestly consider doing the irrational thing and getting a Cam Payne shirt after this offseason because that’s my boy. Discarded into the G league and bound to play in China; it really looks like the rise of the phoenix.

S- Tier.

Elfrid Payton (2018)

Voted most likely to be a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure character Payton eventually cut his ridiculous hair. Maybe I’m shortsighted but Payton showed some potential and was decent enough driving that I thought the Suns should have keep him a few more years. Payton was serviceable but the Suns decided to replace him with absolutely no one. The Suns decided they would rather play a full year with 10-day contract guys than be stuck with Payton’s mediocrity. Ouch.

D+ Tier

Alec Peters (2018)

Peters only played 1 season in the entire NBA. Only played 20 games but got to admit a 36-point performance is quite a swan song. Peters wasn’t even that bad, was more of irrelevant than downright awful. Shame he didn’t get another chance but if the worst team in the league can’t use you, who else can?

F Tier

Eric Piatkowski (2007-08)

The Polish Rifle is my go-to example of I know about obscure NBA players. I feel bad saying Piatkowski was not good with the suns because the man was old.  Yet, I still remember him for some reason?

E- Tier

Mickaël Piétrus (2011)

Man, anyone else remember how good Mickaël Piétrus was on the Warriors. He was a nice compliment on the Baron Davis-Monte Ellis-Jason Richardson big three. Kind of forgot he existed at all, let alone play for the Suns but man was not bad. A little too old to enjoy his brief Suns tenure but I didn’t mind having him. A solid big to put in solid D- Tier.

Miles Plumlee (2014-15)

Hmmm. Plumlee was a guy who served shortly on the Suns and was a 6 point and 6 rebounds per game in that span. That’s not great or worth writing home abound, but I never thought Plumlee was bad for the team or even really disappointed with his productivity. He was on the team to be a tall white guy and he was a tall white guy. Little to love, little to hate.

D+ Tier

Phil Pressey (2016)

Phil Pressey played on the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers before quietly joining the Suns for 9 games I don’t particular remember or even care to.

A.J. Price (2015)

Price wore the #1 Jersey and umm… played 5 games for the Suns which was statistical his worse season but at 5 games you were just kind of an extra body or the survivor if the team plane crashed.

Ronnie Price (2012, 16-17)

I wonder if other franchises have a history of having players with the same last name or have rejoined the team at a later season at the rate that the Suns do. I remember Ronnie Price existing but I don’t remember really much of anything about him. He was a guy who played for 6 different NBA teams but never made much of an impact at either stop. Credit to the journey man, a 12-year career ain’t nothing to sneeze at.

E- Tier

Shavlik Randolph (2014-15)

Yeah, you always remember your first Shavlik. Shout out to Bright side of the Sun who I’ve used a couple time just to see what articles they’ve written about some of these forgotten Suns and if thought I was skipping a bunch of important people, well I won’t let Shavlik be tarnished like the rest.

“Shavlik Randolph continued sitting on the end of the Suns bench and being the first dude to clap on made baskets and high five everyone during timeouts.”

Scott Howard, Bright Side of the Sun

I mean if the Suns sight is making you the subject of satire…yikes. I love twitter and the internet though a lot of the time you just had to internalize how you felt about non-mainstream players and know you can go on the bird app and see who’s being compared to a floor lollipop or a McDonald’s employee on a whim.

F Tier

Michael Redd (2012)

Wow, unless you are friends with a Milwaukee Bucks fan you probably haven’t heard that name in forever. Probably an unpopular opinion but Redd (in a Suns jersey) > Vince Carter (in a Suns jersey). Redd was at least fun to use in 2K and could score in a flurry. I mean he was washed but was fun at times. Missed the playoffs in Nash’s final season but he was probably my favorite let’s try to get some old people desperate for one last hooray together, but it never really worked out.

A younger Redd, the one that was averaging 20-25 points a game would have been lethal on the Suns. Sadly, his Suns campaign was short and tardy.

D+ tier

Davon Reed (2018)

At this point the Suns had been so far remove from the Playoffs you’re less rooting for wins and more of can Davon Reed continue hitting buckets and be promoted to a main roster stay. The answer was no, but him and Shaquille Harrison were a fun trash time tandem to look forward too.

E+ Tier

Jason Richardson (2009-11)

I think the The J-Rich/Grant Hill/Amar’e/Nash squad was a lot of fun in retrospect. Such a dynamic player I loved his game. More so when he had a little bit more spring in his step but it’s really cool seeing players you like from other teams eventually come to your retirement tour franchise. That’s sort of the problem is that I love watching J Rich, dunking, scoring, playing defense it’s just — When you know someone is a rental you sort of keep them at arm’s length. I knew Jason Richardson was awesome but only stayed in Phoenix for a few years, so you don’t love him like a personal favorite or a franchise guy.

A- Tier.

Quentin Richardson (2005)

Honestly maybe one of the hardest guys to put on the tier list. Richardson was a part of my favorite Suns starting 5 which hasn’t been rivaled until 15 years later. Q-Rich was ridiculous shooter and worked so well in the fast-paced energy of the Suns. I have never seen anyone feel themselves than Quentin Richardson putting the bull horns up pretty much after every 3. Q had so much damn fun on the team that I would say Joe Johnson was better, but Q was kind of the funnier guy to watch.

I wish my favorite Suns line-up + Barbosa got to play literally more than one season together, those 6 guys were dangerous together and while it was lacking height and defense that was probably the best championship caliber starters the Suns had just needed to work on the lackluster bench. I also wish Q Rich played during the NBA Twitter era because that guy would be lethal in 2010’s era and his celebrations would make him one of the most hated guys in the league.

A- Tier?

Jalen Rose (2007)

I really can’t think of anything of the top of my head to say bad about Jalen Rose as a player or commentator. He was just veteran leadership in Phoenix and basically was there more for practice than for the games. Went from averaging 12 points a game to less than 4 proving that his trip to Phoenix was a “I got one more year in me, and the Suns will most likely have me on the bench” scenario. Still was a smart vet who played some good defense. Not remembered by anyone as a Suns player and if he stopped Amar’e from getting suspended for “putting his big toe on the court” than Rose would have been GOATED.

C- Tier

Ricky Rubio (2020)

I wanted Ricky Rubio, I thought if anyone was going to be the next Nash, Ricky had a good chance. Then he randomly stayed in Spain to draft dodge the Timberwolves which…. not a bad call. Rubio is a slick passer and a level-headed, efficient scorer. Rubio is a traditional point guard through and through, he runs the offense, great on the pick and roll and makes his teammates better. Ricky was great after the Suns desperately lacked a solid point guard for a couple seasons Rubio was an NBA starter level point guard you could win games with as proven in the 8-0 Bubble run.

Rubio was everything you ask for in a point guard he just doesn’t have tremendous upside. Consistent as hell just isn’t going to take over and win games or elevate your team to a championship caliber level. I liked Ricky but then did you hear, Chris Paul wants to play for the Suns…. Yeah. Ohh, umm… yeah.

B+ Tier

Dario Saric (2020-)

Dario “Anti-Racist” Saric is probably my favorite Suns meme. Only real Suns fan will know why I call Dario Anti-Racist and he makes it abundantly clear that we don’t tolerate racists here. Dario is literally a mystery box and ain’t it fun having no clue what to expect from a guy. Maybe he’ll be the best bench player in the league for half a season, maybe he’ll be a really stiff and flat-footed defender. Maybe he’ll make a couple 3’s or have a nice dunk, maybe he’ll miss free throws in crunch time. You never know what you’re getting from Dario but I like his whack mustache and how much of a team player he is. Dario is a player I will always appreciate and have fun with. He’s good, not great but all the people disrespecting him as some no-name bum and then praise Kyle Kuzma need to put some respect on Anti-racist!

C+ Tier

Luis Scola (2013)

Scola was pretty cool. Ironically, I would say he’s Saric but less wild and inconsistent but also not as fun and never wore an “antiracist” jersey. Yeah, that year where Dragic, and Scola were the best 2 players on the team…. What happened? Scola was a fairly good mid-range big man that I liked him in Houston, but it was rather forgettable in the larger scheme of things.

C Tier

Paul Shirley (2005)

You remember Paul Shirley, surely you can’t be serious. I am serious and call him Shirley not me. Might be the whitest basketball player I can think off, but you know you never forget the time you called a man Shirley for the first time in all seriousness.

Brian Skinner (2008)

Skinner played for 1/3 of the league through his career and Phoenix was just another pit stop. Cool beard and bald head that he is someone I can picture I just don’t remember at lot of good basketball moments.

E-  Tier

Ish Smith (2014)

#ISHJERSEYRECORD c’mon let’s get him something special. Ish currently is closing in a pretty tough record that is hard to beat but no one wants to break. Ish has played for 11 different NBA teams. The record is 12 but Ish is only 32 and he has a chance to break even shatter that record. However that’s a record you get for being serviceable but not skilled enough to literally any team wants to commit to. Honestly Ish was cool, get him and NBA record he deserves it.

F+ Tier

Jalen Smith (2021-)

Stix is what happens when you reach for a stud that you think fits your system, but this isn’t Cam Johnson and Smith probably deserved to be a later draft pick. Smith is still a young prospect, so I won’t call him a bust as he really hasn’t gotten much time to establish himself on a deep Suns team. Seems like a chill guy, I hope this is the lowest I would put him, and he gets to only rise in the ranks.

E Tier

Ray Spalding (2019)

Spalding like the basketball, played like the Wal-Mart employee you purchased it from. I’m kidding, I don’t think Spalding did much of anything so undefined he goes.

Current Tier List Standings

2 thoughts on “The Phoenix Project – Massive Suns Tier List [Part 5]

  1. I may not speak for other Warriors/Bay Area fans (lol) but I’m really glad to see CP3 finally make it to the finals. You can definitely tell that Book and all those guys really value his leadership and presence. hope y’all win the chip! 😀

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