Behind The Scenes Easter Eggs

The Bulletwins don’t really compromise now do they? I’m glad that people noticed that they do alter based on the score which worked to compliment their personalities, but this idea originally started with trying to use Rini’s to capture Irina’s multiple looks and vibrant personality that really adds to the character behind her blog. All 3 Irina models do make an appearance though the usage was altered a little. Yeah the above image you can get an idea of some the experimentation that took place, originally wanting to match scores either matching the person’s color scheme or what kind of score was given.

Hardest score indicator was the Kintern, because it’s difficult to do one with no prior branding, that is connected to K at the Movies but isn’t confused with myself who is uncharacteristically not using the K but the human model. I just have fun using everyone’s color schemes and trying to figure out how to best represent them. I like the Bulletwins one because ithe blue gradient just matches their show background so, but I might give it to Blinky for letting me use the Pac-Man ghost and than making it Pac-Man themed with the black empty space, and blue borders.

I like making the graphics that was fun, tedious, especially when my meticulousness took over and made me resize every single number font for every single score icon. It was fun, I had no idea, how to open and close the video. I just didn’t want to do the whole K at the Movie theater talking for too long while I set the stage. Luckily I had downloaded some entries prematurely so I had some extras that could work as b-roll and could be cool to de-confirm some potential maybes in the first minute. Hey buddy, you think these are bad, wait until you get to the end of the video. I didn’t put much into scripting these but I think I got a laugh or two which was better than I hoped for.

Pinning the Blame

I don’t want to break the emersion because the ballot was a special part that I added to the process that made it feel like since anyone and everyone could contribute that it was a very personalized list to the community. That said, if you’re thinking of replicating something like this, prepare to ballot stuff. There was a decent number of ballots casted that it was a good start but this doesn’t come together if I don’t look what other YouTube videos, or MAL scores, or I look into badly reviewed shows and find what their OP looks like. Thank you for the contributions for all who did…. That said 66 of the 100 Worst openings are from yours truly.

Of course, these are not my opinion to they deserve to be here, it’s looking at what someone else would put on a ballot if we had a wider reach and will it have something distinct or add something that represents other people’s distain. People hate Ali Project; I still rated Another really high but without confirmation of how every other panelist is gonna judge I got to put that in.

Average Scores per Judge:

K                      4.4934

JS                    3.5267

Moya             6.2215

Scott              4.298

Vivumber      4.3775

Nyan              3.4901

Kintern          4.2483

Leth                3.7

Matt               4.7119

Bullettwins   3.0265

Iniks               5.5464

Blinky             4.7748

Karandi         4.3179

Irina               5.6507

Al                    5.3974

Mel                 3.4238

Rose               5.4834

Primes           4.8233

Nabe              6.6887

Aria                3.6192

Pinkie             5.3907                     

Usso               5.3212

Andy              5.3291

Flah                4.4967

A Real K-Head Would Know?

Okay, I need someone to be my biggest fan really quick. It’s a joke to the fact that it’s a call back to one of my earlier videos which I like to think I put equal applaudable effort into. The joke is I’m using this “well actually nerd” to deflect any criticism from potential future comments because I’m a coward who likes to get ahead of negativity. I just… what video was he from. I want to say Comment Horror Stories, but I don’t think it’s right. Someone tell me in the comments one of the 3 people who watch my videos have to know this.


The YouTube playlist that was given out to all the people working on this, is now public. Listen along and see what ones you like or hate if you want to listen to them all the time.

Here’s the rest of the score indicators, have fun looking at how we rated all these openings, even if it didn’t end in the video. Sorry, these are going to be slightly less polished than the ones that were screen reading but they are showing the correct rank, scores, and final average all in a nice little slideshow.

Watch out, everyone else who worked on it may or may not write articles post or other things telling you about their experience and explain how and why they rated the way the did. Should be fun, keep an eye out.

Iniksbane already came out with “The Best of the Worst Anime Openings

I have no major project in the work right now. I don’t know if I want to go back into casual blogging until 31 Spooks of October. Part of me thought that to end it after 3 years but it is tradition. This year I will probably look into anime, there’s a couple anthology short series which could be a lot of fun. Though I mean it’s always hard to pump out quick reviews so if anyone would like to write a short post I can reblog for my 31 Spooks series. Any short stories, episodes, shows, or anything “spooky” in a bite-sized post in time for October it could be cool to have more people involved in that.

Possible idea is I am slowly approaching 500 followers, I’ve made it to 460 somehow so it might take a few years to get to 500. That said I don’t have any grandiose plans, currently I am thinking of possibly taking one of the worst anime OP shows and through follower votings, request, or something like that find out what terrible OP show I should torture myself. It wouldn’t be K content without shared misery.

That’s all I have for extras, watch the video or any of my other ones they are all pretty groovy in their own right. Follow the blog, check me out on Twitter or Jon Spencer’s Discord/streams, I’ve been getting around and networking a bit if you couldn’t tell.

Thank you, Now this movie blog should get back to watching movies and I will see you, at the movies!

2 thoughts on “The Worst Anime Openings DLC: More Songs, Talk Shop, and Figuring Out What’s Next?

  1. Hmm. I guess I wasn’t as high as I thought I was. I was just on the upper end of the distribution curve. That strangely makes me feel a little better. 🙂

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