This is a long and arduous process but I’m happy finally have it come together. I mean I watched it with some of the people featured in my esteemed judges panel and I think the fact that I can sing-along with most of these proved that I’ve probably gone insane. Yes, I asked a month ago what are the worst, the awful, the annoying, the just epically bad anime openings that you know and we’re going to find what is the worst. Did we find the right choice for the worst our opinions a little whack. I guess you’ll just have to watch the video and see what you think.

Thanks to the Cast

Of course this wouldn’t have been as great without everyone coming together, from everyone who participated in the open ballot poll, to who retweeted and shared the poll, judged anime openings and watched the video. I think the anime community has been very welcoming and full of inspirationally creative and wholesome people that I enjoy getting to give back in a way that highlights the personalities and characters behind each and every unique blog I come to encounter.

Boy you guys deserve a better editor but I couldn’t ask for a better panel of experts so thanks to all involved I’ll link some places you all can find them at:

Jon Spencer Reviews: WordPress | Twitter | Twitch

The Moyatorium (Moya): WordPress | Twitter

Mechanical Anime Reviews (Scott): WordPress | Twitter

BiblioNyan: WordPress | Twitter

Lethargic Ramblings: YouTube

Owningmatt: WordPress | Twitter

Bullettwins: WordPress | YouTube

Iniksbane: WordPress | Twitter

Blinky: Twitter

100 Word Anime (Karandi): WordPress | Twitter

I Drink and Watch Anime (Irina): WordPress | Twitter

Al’s Manga Blog: WordPress | Twitter

Mel’s Universe: WordPress | Twitter

Wretched and Divine (Rose): WordPress | Twitter

Negative Primes: Twitch | Twitter

Geek Nabe: Site | Twitter

Animanga Spellbook (Aria): WordPress | Twitter

Pinkie’s Paradise: YouTube | WordPress

Usso: Twitter

Animated Andy: WordPress | Twitter

Flah: Twitter

Finally there’s me. I don’t like the begging and the pleading and the phony smiles of please like, comment, and subscribe. Please follow me, I’m so special and cool. I like to think, the value of the content should speak for itself and people will recognize that I’m constantly trying to be fun and different, and innovative or whatever. I feel like my content is a little sleep on, sometimes.

I think we always applaud blogging productivity when it’s very visible. Wow you post everyday, you do this and that and it’s wonderful. Credit to that, that’s hard and that’s incredible but… I worked on this for a month. I know you must be thinking, wow, you’re really bad at making videos but I: researched forums and searched to page 10 on Google to find songs, I had to put everyone’s data into a chart and than I had to match score totals to the show, than I had to put each number into each textbox in the graphic [ there’s 24 people and I did it for every song reviewed regardless if in the video so do 24 x 150 plus research the title and show to accurate put, and make a graphic for everyone that you have to message individually and start a group chat and download clips and record an intro/outro bit and edit the audio levels and greenscreen each clips into the graphic, and make an original thumbnail and upload the video to YouTube and make sure it exports fine… and is this run-on sentence anxiety-inducing enough because jeez is it a process.

It comes out you watch it for 30 minutes and it’s an afterthought the next day. That was nice and dandy strange movie man but what do you offer tomorrow, you want to take a break after spending a whole month on a creative project, well than I guess you suck. I think that is the abysmal joy of the unfillable hole known as the creative process. The audience isn’t satisfied come tomorrow and I’ll never be satisfied as long as their is a bar to raise, room to grow, and ideas to bring into reality.

I mean I do this as much for myself as I do an active audience out there but if I could do the whole ask for a larger following. If you’re not, can I get to 500 followers on WordPress by the end of the year, reaching that milestone has been slowing creeping closer and I just want to legitimatize that I belong in the company of people I associate with. Then of course like the video, subscribe, leave a nice comment. I know I tackling really obscure topics on YouTube but I wish that not every video feels like it fails to reach an audience larger than 3 average blog posts.

That’s it, enjoy the video and stick around because I hope I can continue to make very ambitious and interesting content here at the movies.


22 thoughts on “100 Worst Anime Openings! – K and Friends Rate “Bad” Anime OPs

  1. Reblogged this on The Backloggers and commented:
    Hey again guys! This is another collab that I got to participate in hosted by K at the Movies this time! It was just a fun project where we got together with members of the Jon Spencer Coalition and other friends of ours and rated some really terrible anime openings (or at least what was classified as terrible by the community). Give this post and his video a look please since he worked really hard on putting this together!

    As for The Backloggers, we’ll have a short update post in the middle of the month about the status of some things (nothing bad, I promise) and a few small updates as well! See you then!

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  2. Reblogged this on The Animanga Spellbook and commented:
    After a long time with no collabs here on the Spellbook, here’s…something. I hope you like confusingly terrible anime OPs, because there’s enough in this video to make your head spin…

    P.S. I submitted exactly one OP and that OP made it into this video. Which one, though? Just try and guess.


  3. Man, what a blast! Gotta admire all of youse for your resilience XD

    It’s an honor & a blessing to see my submission (German Naruto) make it to #10. Though I figure if Jon, Rose & yourself didn’t have such a twisted sense of taste, it could’ve won top honors.

    Very nice of Irina not to give any mark below 4/10. Though I wonder if you assigned any value to her various symbols & emojis?

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    1. Irina is a treasure for sure. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it, I did a lot of research into finding the bad ones I found and submitted German Naruto Dub as well but I warmed up to it I guess, my favorite comment on it in a forum was that it “wasn’t a song but a war crime”. Yeah every rating did matter, that happened for sure.



  4. I can second how happy that the German Naruto opening made it in the top 10 and I was not disappointed in seeing some of the 4Kids dubbed openings on the list. It’s interesting how most opening themes on the list come from anime I’ve never seen before and it makes me wonder if I should check some out to see if they’re worth watching…

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    1. Yes thank you for checking it out, German Naruto was an interesting one because it and Kill Me Baby were probably the most submitted to the open ballot but it is kind of a marvelous funny train wreck and that shows in some ratings. It was interesting seeing how opinions differ so this was an interesting project from start to finish.

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