SYMBIOSIS by Nadja Andrasev

So I watched Nadja Andrasev’s “SYMBIOSIS” and it was to put it simply GORGEOUS. If anything I can really recommend it for being a masterful execution in many facets of its artistic vision. Its art style comes across as fully realized and unique, especially able to mix media together to a rather effective degree. The sound is just professional and had me awestruck. Sound design and sound direction is something I’d consider somewhat advanced and it’s always nice when you can tell some thought went into it on a feature let alone a short such as this. The sound is impressive, from giving the impression of being underwater, to overhearing some else’s loud music playing. It all really comes across as elaborate and immersive.

It’s an example that while non-dialogue short films are rather abundant as it’s just a way to practice visual storytelling, this film feels that it always knows how to fill the silence as well as not overcompensating and allowing for silence to exist. Overall it’s an interesting film that rather addresses exploring sexuality, obsession, and infidelity in a mostly abstract way. “Symbiosis” being an interesting title as well as it further highlights the emphasis on co-existing and the effect this relationship has on our protagonist.

There’s a lot of visual metaphors and scenes to interpret so I can’t enough recommend giving it a watch as there’s a lot to digest. My only hint to you would be that at least from my interpretation I think the phrase “living rent free inside someone’s head” is very relevant. That said I would see this being off putting as it does enter Eyes Wide Shut territory of exploring taboo sexual activities, with its artistic depiction of body just feeling too “typical artsy for sake of arthouse flick”. The only other thing I would like to say is that, the boyfriend looks just like retired NFL QB Jay Cutler. You can’t say you don’t see the resemblance there. Though I doubt it was intentional it was an amusing thought that at least made my enjoyment all the better.

Short films are hard to make a lasting impression but this one I found truly captivating. Please support Nadja, I’m glad to hear this short got traction on Tik-Tok of all places and I would love to see a feature length film done with this art style.

Rating: 9 out of 10.

Want More Shortcut?

I feel bad as I have been less frequent in posting and though most people follow me on Twitter and or watch the YouTube stuff, they know it’s because bigger projects and don’t feel the need to post on a fixed schedule. However absences are not great for keeping my numbers up so maybe I should bring Shortcut back. I love covering shorts I wouldn’t dedicate all October and have it be my only series that has brought back every year since I started doing it. That said here’s a playlist of some other short films I covered, and feel free to recommend me some of your favorites. Thanks again for reading, I hope you enjoyed and I will see you at the movies!


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