I love openings, whether it’s for TV series, animation, and especially anime. There’s something just so satisfying to jamming out or appreciating awesome visuals that just get you hype to watch another episode. However, sometimes there’s a good reason the skip intro button on Netflix exists.

Well I’m sure anime fans are no stranger to the occasional off-putting opening that makes you question what you’re doing with your life. Who better to judge such disasters than yours truly. What makes me, K at the Movies qualified to judge such a thing….believe me I’ve seen the worst of the worst. I know bad when I see it, when I hear it.

Still anime isn’t exactly my forte so I’ve enlisted the help of some of your favorite blog personalities to help make this an ultimate ranking. Look forward to seeing who all gets involved. For now, This list comes down to you. As much as I would like to watch every anime in existence over the weekend, I’m putting our fate in the hands of the people.

Send in what you consider to be the worst anime openings of all-time and I’ll create a master list of terrible OPs for me and my compatriots to rate based on all of your suggestions. How bad will we suffer, make it happen now, click the button below and fill out the ballot. Thanks to everyone who submits, and I can’t wait to see what you have to say.

Act fast, this ballot will close on May 7th 2021. So be sure that your voice is heard, so we can hear whatever awful stuff you want us to listen to.


8 thoughts on “I’m Looking For the Worst Anime OPs Ever!

    1. Yes. To be fair, I’m very much interested in doing a “best” one in the future when I can get people willing to watch openings again. But from a logistics standpoint I feel like if I said send in your favorite openings, as many as you’d like that I’d expect that to be a larger project so I wanted this to be a trial run for this. Plus it is sort of on brand that K the bad movies reviewer is taking an interest in the bad openings. I think it will be fun, we’ll learn some new things and see what happens.

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