Well I bet nobody saw this coming. Safe to say I haven’t done anything like this before. I’m sorry about this in advanced, nobody asked for this, but the real peeps will watch it anyway. I’d argue that I’m one of the more experimental and innovative creators on WordPress, they can’t all be winners. I don’t know for every Aniblogger personality quiz and Pandamonium you get a 2048 podcast. The challenge was to play 1 take and fill the runtime and make it as interesting, and entertaining as I could; while also being a less demanding a relaxed editing effort. I don’t know if we achieved any of that but I do think I had fun making it.

My apologies, I meant to add chapters to the timeline as I’m sure people will only care for certain moments in the video so timestamps are in the description and they’re supposed to show up as chapter segments on the timeline…eventually.

A lot of cool people unintentionally helped out with this, by asking twitter questions. Sorry for such a delayed response, go follow them if you haven’t already.

Also if you do end up watching the video, let me know what your favorite part is… could make the comment section very fun.

Want to be the first person to watch this, well I always announce it on Twitter and here at least an hour later. So the only way to be sure you get that action right away, you’re gonna have to Subscribe. Would help a lot, convince me to make more videos every once and a while.

12 thoughts on “This Video Ends When I Lose…. 2048 (Podcast Pilot)

  1. Well I learned something today! I am 100% convinced I saw a Tweet of yours which stated “K isn’t the first letter of my name” so now I wonder.. did I dream that up?! I know for a fact that… at least in my head it was stated as a fact.. not as a “maybe my name doesn’t even start with a K” … Hmm intriged
    So now I think you are Knick.. with a silent K.
    Or maybe something normally spelled with a C.. like Kolin or Kavanaugh. If Ed Boon is your father I know it’s this one! But probably not! You seem more sophisticated… still an option minus the game designer parent.
    Or something like Knute… where the K is pronounced separate from the word!

    But yeah I do get that whole naming convention thing, I am Pinkie for a very similar reason. Even though my real name is not that long, at the hospital people never really remembered and I became Miss Last Name or worse. But when I started always wearing pink… they called me Pinkie and it’s a nickname that people remember and stuck and it’s a catchy identity.

    For some reason I never saw the face reveal as real thing, even though I don’t know the streamer. Never really questioned it either.I kinda see you like the “Stig” of blogging. Yes that top gear guy….maybe the K stand for Klarkson…nah for now I will got with Knute!

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    1. “Kavanaugh” and “Knute,” why didn’t I think of those. Maybe you should contribute to the K Calendar, Pinkie!

      Loved the vibes, even though I’m slightly disturbed that you swipe your tiles upwards instead of down (why!). Good game, good time!

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    2. You got me trying to remember if I jokingly sad that, part of me feels like I might have because I wanted to throw people off but I also feel like I didn’t. Interesting names you’re throwing out, very interesting. Glad I could learn some new things as well. Thanks for sharing your name origin and the stig that’s a very cool reference that I am understanding now.


  2. Running stream of thoughts commentary:

    ~I love vibing. I think? Yes. Vibing.
    ~HE/SHE ISN’T YOUR CAT????? NO!!! (That’s okay. I’m sure the cat is loved.)
    ~I lol-ed at the “(Not K)” caption.
    ~"Just like the pandemic only lasted two weeks, the cats have been here for two weeks." ROFL
    ~Your video editing skills far surpass my Windows video maker skills.
    ~I was actively vibing because editing things and then a child shouted.
    ~Colbalt is a lovely color. I was going to guess red was your favorite color, so I'm not surprised you mentioned it.
    ~K is a goth is canon now.
    ~Trees are great! My favorite trees are redbud trees and cherry blossom trees. Yes, pine trees are nice!
    ~If the letter K makes it unique, we've got a hint. Kolton. KARTER. KRISTOPHER. KONNOR. KORBIN. Am I there yet?? KAYDEN. KAIUS.
    ~Who is calling me on Discord?
    ~You're welcome. Good vibes.
    ~"What is the K Kalendar?" It's a gift to mankind, that's what it is.
    ~Why is my Discord still beeping?
    ~K's is a kumquat pretending to be a faceless av. He is also goth. Both canon.
    ~You are welcome. Your appreciation of the kalendar is appreciated.
    ~The scary noises catch attention and ruin the vibes, I'm not going to lie to you. Anxious vibes.
    ~Red Alert: Command and Conquer is a great game.
    ~The number game is stressful, and I would not play it.
    ~I did. Much enjoy. I like unstructured things, and I don't like editing.
    ~Ooooooooh, the sounds were part of the number game.
    ~*groove to surfer outro*

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    1. Thank you Shoujo you always leave such long and fruitful comments but I love it and am very appreciative as I love knowing what is going through people’s head.

      Glad you enjoy vibing, I knew there’s nothing wrong with chilling.
      Sorry to disappoint but I’m glad you enjoyed my cats, and perspective on the pandemic lasting a little longer than we all expected.
      Thank you, I try to learn a thing or two about video editing. I’m glad that even a lazy effort like this can get some praise.
      You know children, they like screaming.
      I do like red and blue both are great colors and sure I can be goth why not.
      Are you there yet…sure.

      I don’t know but maybe you should check your discord, at least they are very polite discord messages and they never interrupt me while I’m talking, very considerate of them.

      I agree the K Kalendar is certainly a great gift.

      Haha yeah you’re not wrong but I’m anxious while playing the game so thought I would share that, and you know I clearly underestimated my audience willingness to sit through a 40 minute video. Just wanted to make sure you’re still awake and maybe if you weren’t watching the visuals you’re missing out… every once in a while I’m sure something happens that makes you wonder what is going on? It’s a simple video but a lot is going on in the background, audio, questions, etc… but I’m sorry for ruining the vibes though if I did this again it would probably just be a straight podcast and less random absurdity.

      Haha I find it kind of relaxing, you just kind of slide the titles and watch it go. Usually I barely even try so it’s like oh wow look at it go and then you try to just see how long you can go.

      Thanks, I’m glad that so many people such as yourself was just cool with a Q n A, low energy, good energy talk session and it didn’t feel too meandering ( I mean take a drink everytime I say like and you’ll be dead by the end of the night but I had to fill the time!)

      Thank you, I also like the surfer outro and felt right to reuse that endcard outro bit from the last video about the spooky clown.

      Thanks Shoujo, appreciate the comment as always.

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