Listen, I get it you’re not here to hear what I have to say, so I won’t prolong this any further than it has to be. Wow, I can’t believe I’m actually doing it. Umm, yeah being the mysterious K at the Movies is kind of weird for me. Especially because I started as sort of a faceless creator not out of insecurity or anything like that. I think it’s healthy to have at least the option of privacy, because I think was people know you by an identity and it’s attached from with your psychical appearance than it’s less of it’s own thing and more of an attachment to your own self.

It’s weird okay, I very specifically consider K a “persona”. I definitely don’t feel like I’m playing a character or being completely myself so it’s this middle existence of being a detached extension of my opinions and thoughts and feelings. I think that was a huge reason why creatively I wanted to start off faceless. I didn’t want people to follow or join me for who I was and limit them to judge me solely on my content, the reviews I write, and the opinions I have.

In a lot of ways I achieved that. I think a part of me was inspired by Stan Lee’s comments on the Spider-Man costume.

“What I like about the costume is that anybody reading Spider-Man in any part of the world can imagine that they themselves are under the costume. And that’s a good thing.”

Stan Lee

Don’t misrepresent me, I’m not trying to say that I’m a hero or anything. Just that I am whatever you want or whatever you get out of my content. I’m a complete blank slate, and you can admire the work I put into what I make and we can relate to our interests in all sorts of movies, shows, and whatever stupid joke I feel like telling that week.

While I feel like I have stripped people of superficial impressions and achieved some geniune interacts that, maybe the faceless K at the Movies has overstayed it’s welcome. I feel that maybe it’s starting to become sort of an inescapable gimmick and sort of a crutch. Instead of people caring about the content, it’s getting distracted by the mystery, and the smoke and mirrors and all the goofy ways I tailor my content through the use of a persona.

So my new YouTube video will hopefully set the right tone for a new tomorrow here at the movies.

I’m really sorry, but I am having troubles with embedding the video, [I mean WordPress am I right] so there will be a link below. Be easy on me, I’m not exactly easy on the eyes.

Please check out my recent YouTube Video HERE and Subscribe!!

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