Yeah you see that title and that thumbnail and you got to admit I’m really leaning into this YouTube thing. I mean scary clowns and K at the Movies that sounds like a recipe for success to me. Apologies in advance, this isn’t my most critical analysis but to be fair… I think this movie deep fried my brain a bit. Trust me if you had to wait nearly 20 minutes in a drive thru line you’d be a little cranky too. This video was meant to just clown around a little bit. Enjoy!

That was something wasn’t it. Thanks for checking it out, please feel free to leave any comments here on the blog or YouTube I’ll be sure to get to them. Hope this was dumb fun, I know it’s not the most impressive video but it was fun to make but it does take a bit of effort on my part. So please consider subscribing to the channel, following the blog, letting me know that you watched it.

It all goes a long way and I greatly appreciate it. Thank you all, and enjoy your meal.

One thought on “Drive Thru Gone Wrong! Scary Killer Clown Movie has me Spooked [Video]

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