Welcome back everyone to our review of Otherside Picnic. This week an excuse to indulge in the internet’s favorite past time and still call it productive. Joined as always by the great Irina. Do you enjoy kitties Irina? Also there’s a lot of chatter around the grapevine about WordPress making it easier to convert posts into audio versions. I thought you were an amazingly elegant speaker when you dubbed some lines for me, so any chance we will get to hear more of it in the near future?

 I do enjoy kitties. A lot in fact. I’m thinking of getting one as they are so much easier to take care of than doggies but I haven’t decided yet. 

I would love to convert my blog into a podcast but for now, anchor isn’t working for me. I click subscribe and nothing happens. Tried it in 3 browsers and two completely separate computers. I’m cursed… This said, the point is that it auto-converts your posts into podcasts with a robo voice so I don’t have much input there at all. I doubt I would have time to record everything myself. 

The New Girl?

Who’s that girl… it’s Akari Seto. Akari is another interesting dynamic added to  the group, as she is sort of the normal somewhat quirky girl. She’s got an odd problem, as she needs help with some ninja cats who have been following her around… allegedly. I wish they would have done a little bit better explaining why she goes to Sorawo for this problem besides the sake of plot. Was it really too hard to have her notice Sorawo was reading a book on paranormal anomalies or something of the sort that Akari would confide in her. I don’t know the “reputation/rumor” thing just felt sort of lazy.

I like the cut of her jib, she doesn’t do much outside of moving the plot but she seems fun. What are your thoughts on Akari’s first impression?

She is the one we see in the OP right? I like her as well, I expected her to have a bigger role. But you know, it seems there is limited space for the characters in Otherside Picnic so as long as we’re choosing, my vote goes to Kozakura. More of the white haired scaredy cat researcher, please!

I honestly hope we have a little Kozakura filler ep where we just follow her around for a whole day. I’m pretty single minded. Oh we could do a best of both worlds and have an episode where we follow Kura and Akari for a day. Doesn’t that sound awesome? The two other girls going to Otherside. 

The sad part is, when I go off on these nonsense tangents, a little part of me is always disappointed when they invariably do not come true.

Teenage Spooky Ninja Cats

This episode was also kind of an interesting change of pace…well sort of. You know, ninja cats is definitely more on the silly side of things than the spooky side. Yet, admittedly they do make these cats rather threatening. I enjoyed Sorawo’s conflict of not wanting to shoot a bunch of cute kitties. It’s simple but fair enough if I saw some cats doing some Naruto runs than I don’t know if I wouldn’t want to be friends with them…even when they attempt to assassinate me. What about you what was your thoughts on the ninja cats?

 Honestly, I think this might have been my favourite episode. I am a fan of comedy in general so the tonal change was welcome to me but I have also found the show to be a bit stagnant. Maybe it’s the adaptation or maybe the story’s pacing just doesn’t appeal to me. And although I do like both Toriko and Sorawo, I’m just not engaged enough with either for them to carry the show on the strength of the characters. As such, a bit of a break and reset with a silly episode like this seems like the perfect way to inject some life back into the series for me.

In fact, I think the show in general could use more lighthearted moments to contrast with the rest. It would serve to heighten the tension.

The Best Scene?

Kazakura and her Tanuki…. Super cute. 10/10 Kazakura steals the show again. I know you like Kazakura so it’s only right we both have a section to gush over that. It’s cute seeing Kazakura trying to ground herself from all the paranormal stuff that haunts her.

 See, this is what happens when I don’t read ahead before starting to answer these posts. I guess it’s no surprise that 100% agree! 

That was a very well behaved tanucoon. If it had been me, I would have been covered in scratches by the end of that scene…

Why Did you Say That Name?

I don’t know maybe you disagree but I feel like this episode was pretty straightforward so we might be on the shorter side unless you have plenty to say. I have to admit that the writing for this show is admittedly kind of weak. Just like maybe this show just reminds me a lot of cartoons and those are more geared towards children so maybe they are more spelled out. I just find it weird that they don’t really foreshadow anything.

You know Chekov’s gun, if you see a gun in the first act it’s going to be fired in the third. That’s sort of the expectation of writing a story, so if your character magically starts shooting a gun in the third act without any mention of a gun you’re going to be thinking how the hell did they get a gun? That’s kind of how I feel about pulling the talisman out of her stomach…. It kind of just comes out of nowhere and it’s not a satisfying way to stop the conflict.

It’s interesting when it’s revealed at the very end that it was Satsuki who planted it on her. I am very curious with why and how Satsuki is pulling the strings. Maybe Satsuki somehow got access to time travel and is now orchestrating an elaborate plot to give Toriko a squad to survive and incoming peril? I don’t know, you’re the one who’s produced pretty good head canons for this show any for what’s yet to come?

They dropped another hint that everything ties back to Uruma but without more information it was really just a bit more baiting. And the larger lore of the series is a bit too scattered to make coming up with crazy conspiracy theories much fun right now. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, I like this episode, it felt very Saturday Morning Cartoon with just a goofy premise but one that advances the continuous plot. Could have been better, I would have liked to see maybe sort of a Whisker Away ninja cat village to up the adventure. Or just cleaner writing, I like the characters, I like the plots, but it always just comes across as things happening instead of a coherent and well executed story.

We are running out of episodes so maybe this is the calm before the storm, still interested to see where it goes. I mean this is my first seasonal ever but I know you’re watching a couple other things at the moment. I know you’re doing a great collab with Moya on Horimiya, so how is Otherside stacking up to the rest of season?  Is it a charming underappreciated series or is it kind of getting out shined by some of the other things currently airing?

Regardless, still enjoying getting to do this with you and I hope you enjoy your week until we team up next week have a good one.

Like I said, I personally really enjoyed this episode. And to me, the most interesting part was why I would enjoy this episode more than the rest, at this point in the season. I’m also rather curious what other fans thought of it. 

Seeing Sorawo tear up and get flustered at the idea of harming kitties was one of the most solid bits of character development she’s had. Toriko didn’t get to do much but that’s ok. 

As you mentioned, we are going into the last arc of the series and I wonder if they can bring it all together. Some shows have really surprised me in the last few episodes lately so you never know!

2 thoughts on “Teenage Spooky Ninja Cats! Otherside Picnic Episode 8

  1. I’m finding “Otherside” to be a decent bit of entertainment. Maybe the pacing is slow. It would make more sense if there were plans for multiple seasons and it took the entire first season just to discover there was some kind of pattern to everything. Right now it just feels like a monster of the week plotline.

    “Ninja cats” was something different and the first time the apparitions didn’t simply seem to be mindlessly malicious. They just wanted something back. That is a hilarious video!

    What the heck happened to that poor company of soldiers stranded over there? Seriously. They just met hundreds of people stranded on the Otherside fighting for their lives and slowly dying. And now it’s just “out of sight, out of mind?”

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