I’ll just come up with a quick laundry list of predictions for the big game:

  • The coin toss will be tails. Been tails 6 of the last 7 so maybe the NFL uses a weighted coin. Gambler’s fallacy says that heads is due to happen but never play like a coward.
  • How many commercials will have a doggy in them? That’s a prop bet I can get behind. I’m going under 4.5 as I feel marketing might be more political or adventurous this year.
  • The coach Gator Bath this year will be blue.
  • Will any player propose after the game? No, that would be wild. We got Aaron Rodgers announcing his engagement so anything is possible. I don’t know I think winning the super bowl and proposing are two big moments in a person’s life. It’s kind of like having your birthday on Christmas, I see that emotions might run high but it’s probably better to have both not at the same time.
  • Rookie Running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire will have a nice bounce back game with some impressive runs. Dude is built for big moments unfortunately Williams will continue to take snaps and Le’Veon Bell gets in the end zone.
  • The Bucs wideouts will each have a fair share of big plays. However, despite Evans and Godwin dropping passes it will be an uncharacteristic drop by Scotty Miller that will be the scapegoat for a moment shift. I use drop loosely it might be more so an over thrown ball he just gets the finger-tips on.
  • Charvarius Ward will have an interception.
  • Gronk probably has a dormant game but is going to have a huge 3 catch 45 yard drive in the 3rd quarter.
  • The Chiefs offensive line will be in shambles early game, but eventually the big plays come for the Chiefs.
  • Twitter will constantly congratulate Eric Bieniemy play calls and use it as evidence to why he hasn’t got a head coaching job without realizing Andy Reid is calling them. (Bieniemy seems cool though, his time will come).
  • Amid Covid concerns, you will give the guy who double dips the nacho cheese dip a dirty look at your casual not big super spreader gathering.
  • Critics will bash the Weeknd as one of the all time worse Halftime shows…. they do it every year but this year will be meet with great distain and indifference.
  • The broadcast will refer to Britt Reid missing the game for “personal reasons” and that’s as fair as they’ll elaborate.
  • The silent gangster Blain Gabbert will complete a drive that sets up a field goal as Tom Brady goes down will an ankle injury or in concussion protocol. He will return by halftime at the latest.
  • If anyone who’s not a QB wins MVP it will be Tyreek Hill, maybe Jason Pierre-Paul.

Personally, I think celebrating a Super Bowl victory in your own stadium to the sound of a multiple pirate cannons would be something spectacular. Unfortunately I think the future is now old man. A potential end to a great empire as a new one rises. I can’t wait for the Mahomes a system QB takes.

Chiefs 31 Buccaneers 27

6 thoughts on “Dude Sports Guy: Super Bowl LV Predictions

    1. Oh really, my sports knowledge is probably higher than my Anime but don’t tell people that. That’s a shame it can be a lot of fun to watch with the right people.

      Hope you enjoy yourself and have a super day regardless.

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