Wow, so that last post kind of blew up. Thank you all for that, wasn’t that both unexpected and fun. Whenever I do something kind of creative that takes a little extra effort I do like to talk shop a little bit. I think this post is one of a kind in a lot of ways and it presents an interesting tool that maybe people would be interested in. This isn’t a promotional thing, just as someone who used Interact I was satisfied. So how was using Try Interact.

How to Interact?

So using this site was really interesting. For me, what was most important was I wanted to make something that I could be expansive and complex with but would still be very functional. Google Form and some other sites seemed interesting, but this one was the clear winner for everything I was looking for. Try Interact is primarily used for digital business marketing, that specializes in ways to get data from you’re audience in a way they find engaging.

They have plenty of templates for quizzes or polling and they look remarkable, though I started from scratch. Once inside the editor they provide you with a simple sidebar that separates your workspace into the title screen, questions, and results. It’s a little disappointing as there are plenty of Google font selections, and ways you can manipulate the color of the background, text, choices, selected items, and the progress bar.

Making the results you want is a simple process, though it can definitely be complex at the same time. I saw that the recommended amount of results for quizzes in this nature tend to be 6 but where is the fun in that? The fun was to include as many personalities as possible that were distinct enough to garner unique results, while also abiding by enough similar interests to have a reasonable amount of question results.

As you can see below there’s a lot of wires to connect, it almost reminds me of Among Us. It was a very interesting process, trying to represent each personality to it’s fullest extent, but trying to keep the game somewhat balanced so that there wasn’t any dominating results.

The real shame comes in that I didn’t include visual references to really spice up the appearance. Each question can have a main image or even search through the GIFPHY library to find an amusing gift. This could have made some questions look a lot more eye-popping and fun. Unfortunately I decided to spend more time searching through award posts to ensure some semblance of partial accuracy, as I was worried too many visuals could impact the loading speed of questions. I can’t complain as the quiz runs pretty well on my end.

There was many things to I could have done to overcomplicate things. There’s also branching logic so you’re choices can impact how you progress. Someone could almost make a dating sim with this, but that was a little too much for me to worry about. Unfortunately I am still on the free version, which only seems to impact data collection. It would have been interesting to see who was the most popular outcomes but the price is a little steep for me.

Besides awards post, I tried to find relevant info to make some guesses on these questions. I think genre was a very difficult one because I feel that many people would put many of them down with no hard preference. For some I tried to get a reference of their Anilist and look at genres with high count volumes and mean scores. For others it was referencing MAL and getting a gist based on things scored 10/10 or very highly. If all else fails it is just want seems to be typically covered in your content from a glance.

Oh I also forgot, maybe because it is an obvious function. You can preview your quiz at any point in the process. I play tested each result to make sure that every personality listed was possible to get. I even tried to do so without perfect pathing someone to ensure that there is some flexibility. I mean if you think of all the combinations possible for this quiz, it’s enough to make my head spin.

Hints and fun Easter Eggs:

K at the Movies: I have been told the I’ve been pretty elusive and mysterious. I really don’t think I’m hard to get. Though I do know how hard it is to answer the favorite song or which song represents your blog. Especially because none of these are Yu-Gi-Oh GX. However, anyone who has played Anime Music Quiz with me knows that I will battle every day, to claim my rightful 6th place! You can also thank Moya, because she reminded me that if you’re still having doubt, then there’s a clear way out.

Al: I don’t know much about Alyssa outside her incredible passion for sharing written works she has read. However, this one post on Instagram served as some inspiration and helped paint a picture to maybe answer a question or 2.

Something with Wings: I mean part of the fun of these is thinking not so directly but having subtle umbrella terms that can capture a lot under them. I could have said birds but there’s many more things that have wings leaving room for some creativity. Even though I may have someone saying they’re a cat in an award post response, they might be feeling more like a moth recently, so I don’t how they’re going to respond.

Color: I wonder what you answered, but according to the quiz the most abundant color is blue. The least populated is white which is a color associated with 3 bloggers common color scheme, but I know it isn’t their favorite color. White might be a good choice if you don’t want overlap in your desired results.

Making Header Images: Admittedly, I am not a huge fan of Canva. It is not a bad resource and people have made many good designs using it. However, I feel it is a shortcut and often results in a same-y polished design that I feel I can always tell who’s using it. This question was included as prior to this, I was considering taking blogger thumbnails that didn’t have any name branding on them and turning it into a guessing game to see if you could figure out what belongs to who.

Emiko: The question was also included to Highlight Emiko who does almost entirely hand-drawn images, on Emiko’s blog.

Thespian: Usually you’re not supposed to use such uncommon words but it painted a picture to go with enthusiastic role-players. Did you know that Emiko and Shoujo do a little voice acting as a hobby?

Also, on the DM question I believe it was Jon Spencer, Pinkie, and Takuto who have experience running games for their friends, I maybe have included a couple others to balance the game of people I wanted who I thought had the skills for it but those three are the clear choices for that option.

 Moya: Did you know that Moya is a huge fan of Kalifina. I did find it rather mean that I had to make her choose between 2 different songs from her favorite vocal group. However, the good news is that you’ll be one step closer to Moya as long as you pick any of Kalifina song.

The Perfect Trip question was rather difficult as many of you expressed Japan as a destination you have or wish to enjoy. To stop dominate option I decided to use how you talk about Japan and guess whether it’s because of the sightseeing or rather the cultural immersion that interest you.

Clubs: Let’s just say we have a very crowded literature club. Student Council was a hard one, as I don’t believe anyone has stated they used to be in their student council. Instead that option is mostly dedicated to lead you towards someone who leads a team of sorts and/or shows a vested interest in serving their community.

The perfect gift: I think this ended up being a really fun question. First, I think there are some gendered options throughout but not necessarily all the way through. Of course, ribbons and hair accessories is a safe bet if you want to get a female on option. However, you’d be surprised about what is under some options. Admittedly, A nice outfit had one result most directly in mind. Whether that was cosplay or something comfortable was up to them. However, guys might also not mind getting a nice pair of clothes as a gift. It makes sense since they’re always depicted in a tuxedo.

The Gacha get, I mean I know there’s a few gacha games that maybe would have lead me to some more options but there’s one game that came to mind. I know there’s a couple people who would enjoy getting their favorite Genshin Impact character and that might be worth passing up some of these other desirable options.

Giant Robot/Tiny Dragon: Giant Robot is a clear call out, and I don’t need to explain it. Tiny Dragon was actually a late addition and I just had to include it. The answer tiny dragon actually is a direct reference to Karandi who in an awards post talked about wanting a tiny dragon you could put on your shoulder. It was meta ruining because…who isn’t going to want that but a fun answer that just had to be included.

Finally, for the last question. I think all these options are commendable and great traits to have. I especially didn’t want watching stats go up, to be thought of as negative. I think it’s a good quality to be a completions or to want to watch many anime, or posts and reach many milestones is great. I feel good about putting Aria under this as one of her options. Her Anilist has a great amount of series on them. She might be the first and only person to try and complete every option on the quiz. Wild, but it’s that commitment that I certainly admire.

One More Thing


I’m sure if you’ve followed this Bonanza you may have seen images floating around like this. Initially I stalled the release of this version of the quiz as I wanted people to be delightfully unaware of what possible options were on the table, and have a delightful surprise to see them get themselves. There was so many fun interacts across the board it was overwhelming to see the reaction.

If you’d like to take the quiz again but with the percent result screen then here you go:

Thank you to all the amazing personalities and wonderful people on the quiz. It’s been especially fun to see people finding their “twin” instead of considering the quiz to be horrible accurate as it was advertised.

This quiz was fun, it was great spiritual successor to my last post of the same nature. How I choose people for this has a lot of factors and I wish I could have included more but I felt this was a good amount of hours put into the project. I always check who my Twitter mutual are, who’s been liking my posts lately or people I generally interact with that I think would take the news of being involved very well. Still wish I could have included more, can’t say I didn’t play some degree of favoritism as “K at the Movies” would not be included in many other peoples’ quizzes of Anibloggers.

Thank you for engaging in such a silly concept, it truly was an inspiring day to see it grow beyond even my wildest dreams. Thank you for your support and for more Badfeed articles consider following me here, at the Movies!

11 thoughts on “Personality Quiz DLC: How My Quiz Only Scratched the Surface

    1. Haha I knew MDZS was going to be one of those were if you like it, you’re excited to see it mentioned and that song is epic and deserves some love. Clothes are always a nice gift and a little less maintenance than a dragon. Again, I don’t know for sure but I think you and Nyan are the most popular results, don’t know if that’s on me or if you’re just the blogger of the people but congrats if that’s true maybe. Though it seems that are pretty scattered somewhat evenly.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I am good at explaining things that you never wanted to know about. I am a little bummed that you didn’t get Irina makes me feel like a bad friend but if that just means I have to read and chat with Irina more than I guess maybe I’ll have to do it. Maybe just the wrong questions because I know what you’d put in your picnic basket now. ( Also I don’t know what I was thinking on a lot of things, I completely forgot Haikyuu existed and didn’t but you down for Sports genre… that’s probably the biggest sign of my stupidity showing in the whole thing. Thank you, I always consider an Irina comment a blessing.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. There’s a lot of things I say on my blog that I don’t really bother to repeat on Twitter, Like the fact that my blog was supposed to be an anime recipe blog because I love cooking or the fact that I regularly sleep 3 hours a night because of video games… So I didn’t think of putting reading as a hobby. And yeah, Sports is my favourite genre. I got into anime because of a boxing anime.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. To be fair, I knew you were a gamer I remember that much. I also could have seen you you being into cooking. Also again to make excuses I actually added sports anime as an option really late and wasn’t going to include it before deciding to flesh out the pool and by then I already choose 2 the seemed like good fits for Irina. Same with cookie which was originally just baking before it made sense to widen that net a bit (don’t know if that makes a difference for people but maybe it does). You had a lot of low populated answers and multiple options so I didn’t want to turn the quiz into Being Jon Malkovich but with Irina.

        I think the problem was that you were one of the first people I worked on, because there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that there had to be an Irina option that you probably didn’t get the appropriate level of attention as some of the later people who I wanted to make sure I nailed down if I was including them.

        At the day this is all dumb fun, part of it makes it more accurate as I’m sure buzzfeed doesn’t know what the Jonas Brothers favorite dessert is either. Still I think to get Irina you have to enjoy fun, and be outgoing and smart. Sophisticated yet friendly. Someone who blogs for all the right reasons, that sounds pretty accurate to me. Don’t worry Irina, I’m sure you’ll be Irina one of these days.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Actually I just think I don’t know myself well. And that’s not a bad thing. I get to get to know myself all over again. YAY! See all the awesomeness you brought.
        I’m also lowkey stoked I fooled people into thinking I read. Makes me sound all fancy like

        Liked by 1 person

      4. You do like reading though… read my blog right?? That’s true. Knowing yourself is hard, but I guess you sure had me fooled. Lucky you the real you and the trick you both seem pretty cool.

        Liked by 1 person

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