My only explanation as to why this exists is because I’m K at the Movies. Let’s be real, you didn’t expect this, but you’re certainly not surprised. Had to have the intern do something, and thing was definitely a kooky off the wall idea we like around here. It’s like they say “If you can beat Buzzfeed, just rip them off”.

First a couple of rules and apologies:

  • To those involved, sorry I didn’t like give you any warning I was doing this. Also sorry for not knowing you well enough to make this very accurate, I’m sure someone could have made a better quiz but you’re stuck with this one for now.
  • I’m sorry for everyone who’s not involved but maybe wanted to be. Just know that if you didn’t make the cut, it’s because I hate you and you smell bad, and you just plain suck! I don’t know what you want me to say, I did my best to make this very interesting with a lot of unique options but unfortunately my limit was 25 different outcomes. It’s a culmination of real homies, distinct figures/personalities, people I don’t show enough love and people who give me love. It was nothing personal, if it was up to me I’d have 100 different options but that more time than I was willing to give. Try harder to be my friend, I’ll try to get ya next time maybe.
  • The quiz is 15 questions, most of them are single answer but there are 5 multi-choice. For these you can choose as many as you like, just remember that each answer has different DNA behind it so it dilutes the power that a certain answer would have. Don’t let me determine what your heart says so answer as little or as much as you’d like. ANSWERs AUTO SEND ON SINGLE CHOICE, AND YOU HIT THE BLUE NEXT UNDER THE QUESTION WHEN YOU ARE DONE WITH A MULT-SELECT ONE.

Quiz Time

I’m not embedding it, because I don’t have the plug-in and honestly the link sends you to a pretty clean version so, I hope you enjoy.

I hope you get the results you want! Feel free to maybe share your results with others or on social media. Be the one to 100% my personality quiz and try to get all 25 outcomes. This is all to cure boredom and have fun so, do that.

Maybe if this gets enough attention I’ll do part 2 where I talk about some of the making of this quiz. Also I will release the version of this quiz which will let you see result percentages so you can find out not only the blogger you are but who else relates to you.

Again, sorry for being horribly inaccurate, blame the intern for not doing enough research. That said I have to figure out which Bachelor I am, or Whether I’m a bagel or a donut. Catch you next time, here at the movies!


35 thoughts on “I’ve Turned My Aniblogger Friends into A Highly Inaccurate Buzzfeed Personality Quiz and You’re Dumb or Bored Enough to Want to Try It?

      1. Thanks. This was a creative personality quiz. I’m curious about all the different factors. The anime theme song one was the hardest for me because I didn’t recognize most of them.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha thank you. I’m glad to see people having fun with it. Yeah the song was tough because I felt like I was leaving out a bunch of bangers but it’s not about favorite or best it’s what works well to distinguish personality.

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  1. a) I love random quizzes. (RIP Quizilla)

    b) I took this like, “Oh, yeah! This will be so fun!”
    (and it was!)

    c) K. K! HOW DID YOU DO THAT? I GOT ME!! I didn’t even know there WAS a me!!

    d) Now I must take it again answering like I am the opposite of me and see what happens!

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    1. Yeah they’re fun, I’m glad you had fun! Of course, it is a quiz about anibloggers who are friends to K at the Movies who have distinct personalities, so of course there’s a Shoujo. Have fun you never know what/who is could show up. There could even be a K?

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  2. Huh. It correctly guessed me. Now I’m looking for the mole in my organization.
    Also, I am very happy that you don’t hate me and/or I don’t smell bad. I’m leaving the whole suck thing aside for now…

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  3. Wow K, this is incredible stuff! I remember thoroughly enjoying a similar community post you did January of last year as well. It was about the bloggers that you (K) could defeat and the ones that you couldn’t. That one cracked me up haha. Keep up the great stuff, I’m a fan!

    I’d absolutely love to see the percentage results too!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Nice! Cool to see this post get some play. Glad you had fun, if you don’t know in a follow up post there was one that shows percentage of all results, some people liked that one as well. If that interests you can find it on the next post or I can link it to you. Thanks so much, for checking it out.


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