What’s up dudes, it’s your guy. Dude Sports Guy! I was perfect in my predictions last week proving that my clairvoyance into the future is growing stronger. This week is really two tosses up. Let’s review the fallen.

  • RAMS: Impressive that they prolonged the inevitable for so long. Even at full strength the Rams were an arm’s length away from the top dogs. Rams will always be a 1 and done magical Super Bowl journey but they’ll always be a threat they can recapture the magic.
  • Ravens: Cute that they think the Lamar can’t win in the playoffs narrative is over. 1-3 Playoff record is still poor and greats like Peyton Manning also “couldn’t win in the playoffs” and he was 14-13. Shame because Lamar is talented and people should appreciate how exciting he is to watch and not harp on everyone who doesn’t have Brady like accolades.
  • Browns: Painful to watch it go down like it did. Destiny teased the ever living shit out of Browns fan, this playoff run will be a painful game of what if, as goal line touchbacks, Chad Henne heroics, and Andy Reid proving why he’s great. Get OBJ back and let’s see if you guys can get back up next year.
  • Saints: Nice to see everyone paying respects to the illustrious Drew Brees by rushing him out the door. Brees has yet to official retire yet everyone is treating him like he’s already dead. Maybe the writing is on the wall, it was a good career I wish he would have chosen literally any other year to win his 1 Super Bowl.

(Also I’m sure a lot of people will get a kick out of Gridiron Heights this week that will recap last weeks events with some references I’ll sure you’ll understand)

Buccaneers at Packers

Historically, Tampa Bay is doomed. With the Super Bowl set for Raymond James Stadium home of the Buccaneers the Bucs are attempting to be the first team in 5 and a half decades to play the big game from their own home. Irony would be rampant as it would still be somewhat of a neutral setting given the Covid-19 pandemic fan restrictions. 22,000 fans is a lot for a gathering this year but nothing in comparison to the crowd the Super Bowl usually gathers.

Also going against Tampa is how unless historical trends buck, a Veteran QB usually doesn’t win the ring with his new last ditch effort team. Of course Peyton did it, but as Montana, Favre, and Warner how that went for them. The 5th seed in the playoffs has also statistically been the worst seed at getting to the Super Bowl. Yet, if anyone was going to defy the odds it’s Tom. Brady who basically had a better career since turning 37 then pretty much any has had their whole career.

If the Packers fail then we all know what the narrative in the offseason. Imagine what this team could have been if the didn’t draft a quarterback this year. I’d argue it worked out in a way, they pissed Rodgers off enough with the audacity to even think Jordan Love was the future. Aaron Rodgers is still very much the future, but can he finally make it back to the big game.

A wildcard team hasn’t made it to the Super Bowl in 6 years marking the longest drought in league history. This game is 50/50 to me. I think it’s about time Rodgers gets his chance to win another big one, but unfortunately I think Tampa might be the deeper team on both sides of the ball.

Buccaneers 30 Packers 28

Bills at Chiefs

Yeah I post-poned making the prediction because whether Mahomes passed or failed concussion protocol is sort of a big deal. The Bills have everything on paper that they have a Super Bowl Caliber roster. They have playmaking, they have reliability, they play high IQ football and can compete with the best of them.

That’s why it’s a shame that KC is really just in a tier of their own. Will Buffalo finally find the answer to stopping Tyreek Hill? If Mahomes is less than 100% with his nagging foot injury than the Bills have more than a legit chance but still might not be enough. It’s hard to go back to the Super Bowl, outside of New England how many teams have fizzled and have tried to make it over and over to no avail. That said, if there’s a new dynasty on the horizon, it’s Kansas City.

Chiefs 27 Bills 23


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