What’s up dudes, it’s your guy. Dude Sports Guy. Let’s keep going, went 4-2 last week and mostly because I wasn’t bold enough to sniff out how fraudulent the Steelers and Seahawks were. Let’s quickly go over who’s not here and why.

  • Seahawks: Well I hope DK Metcalf is happy they gave him the ball, that’s what really matters right?
  • Football Team: Just came in here to prove that literally anyone looks better in this offense than Dwayne Haskins. Football Team will always be a playoff team…wild.
  • Bears: Well, as the Nickelodeon broadcast would put it, the Bears didn’t do enough homework assignments so it’s only fair they don’t get to go to recess.
  • Steelers: Utterly embarrassed yourselves out there. Honestly looked like the they were missing their head coach. Claypool may have never heard of loosing but she’s a cruel and unforgiving mistress and he might become quite associated with her in the post Big Ben era in Pittsburgh. It is coming.
  • Titans: No shame in loosing to the Ravens, in a close game where your playmakers got taken out. However, with Deshaun Watson, Colts young guns, and potentially Trevor Lawrence entering the division the Titans may be squandering their time as king of the hill.
  • Colts: Really proving why it’s a game of inches. Too many toe-taps, offsides, knees not on the ground, just getting the finger tips on it plays that could have drastically changed the game. Valiant effort, a respectable performance but the play calling and mental fortitude has to be a little better if you want to do something next year.

Los Angeles Rams at Green Bay Packers

64.3% Completion, 5,027 yards 40 TD and 12 INT is Aaron Rodgers career playoff stats and while he will be tested with a stellar Rams defense, I trust the soon to be league MVP will go to work. The Packers are a team of plenty of playmakers with Devante Adams, Aaron Jones, and Robert Tonyan being some of the best at what they do. The biggest question mark will be the rest of the offense,\: Can Allen Lazard, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Equanimeous St. Brown, or Tavon Austin prove the can make the big plays in Playoff football.

While none of them are quite Jordy Nelson, I think that’s a question for next week as the Rams almost literally limp into this game. Thumb Goff was better than I was giving him credit last week, but Donald having a rib injury and Cooper Kupp having a knee injury the Rams are fighting the injury bug at the worst time.

Rodgers will go on to win his 11th playoff game and give us a highly anticipated clash of two hall of famers next week.

Packers 29 Rams 20

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints

Hmm… Brady has the greatest playoff record winning 73.8% of his playoff game but the difference between Bill Belichick and Bruce Arians might have shown a little against the Football Team. Brady throwing 40 times might not be the recipe for success across a full post-season and the defense let Taylor Heinicke get away from them too many times.

On the other side of things the Saints beat the Bears despite NVP of the game Mitch Trubisky. The Saints looked very underwhelming, it was enough to get the job done but when you play a team that actually has an above .500 record you can’t be so complacent.

Personally, year after year I suspect the Saints to break through and reach the Super Bowl one last time for old times’ sake. However, the Saints can’t catch a break. They always get eliminated in the most unfortunate way imaginable and I’m sure Tom Brady is the perfect benefactor of that. It’s the NFL equivalent to the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. One for the history books but 5 years too late.

Buccaneers 24 Saints 23

Cleveland Browns at Kansas City Chiefs

This is it folks, the ultimate Cinderella story. The Cleveland Browns get to attend the ball after 19 years of watching their ugly stepsister corvette-corvette on the dance floor. What looked to be a Covid-riddled Sunday, turning their hopes back into Pumpkins came with the surprise that they set their watches a little too early.

The Chiefs are no Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide story, and they’ve look near unstoppable. The Chiefs offense is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to athleticism. They’ve looked sluggish towards the end of the season but I just can’t think of a scenario where Cleveland is SOL.

The Chiefs were able to comeback from double digit deficits in last years playoffs and the Browns have looked flimsy with outrageous leads like last week against Pittsburgh or earlier in the year against the Titans. If the Browns win it will be one hell of a story but sadly I think they’ll be looking to get Odell Beckham back try to run it back next year.

Chiefs 35 Browns 31

Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills

Well congratulations you both did it! Both Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson have won their first playoff game after sinking a tough AFC South opponent. This is a huge game for both quarterbacks. I really do think that Lamar Jackson vs Mahomes is the next Brady/Manning rivarly and Josh Allen is proving that he might be the Big Ben/Phillip Rivers that plays spoiler in letting those 2 duke it out.

In the end both teams narrowly escaped but with impressive victories. I think the Bills got the scare they needed. The Colts gave them hell in the first half and despite shooting themselves in the foot numerous times Indy almost came up victorious. Credit where it’s due Josh Allen and Diggs made big plays when they needed to and the defense help up in key moments.

The Ravens on the other hand were impressive with how they adjusted last game. Lamar Jackson made costly turnovers but recovered nicely, using his legs and playing his game. The Baltimore defense also stopped King Henry in his tracks having the best running back in the league look pedestrian.

The Bills should lose this game, losing Moss was huge and the Baltimore rushing attack is slightly more explosive and unpredictable than Taylor and Hines who tore them up last week. Yet, I think Baltimore is going to pay for being the 5th seed. The team of destiny is here to stay. Fun fact but since the Andrew Luck era the Colts have lost to the team that would go on to win the Super Bowl 3 out the 4 times. A trend I’m sure Buffalo would like to see continue.

Bills 21 Ravens 16

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