Despite our best intentions, sometimes sharing your opinion on the internet is enough to be considered controversial. I think you do this long enough and eventually you’re going to run into someone who just isn’t a fan. Now, I understand I’m a little late. Missed the entire #Controversed showcase by a full week….Oopsie.

However, I hope my project was worth the wait. Without further ado, here’s some of my most most spiteful, bizarre, and rude comments!

Special thanks to my Special guests:

Lita Kino: https://litakinoanimecorner.wordpress…

Twitter: @Kinoreviews Instagram: @nerdykinogems

(I think Lita just gets it. We’re here to have fun, share our passions, and connect with people and I don’t really know anyone more representative of that)


Twitter: @Irina_the_Great

(Truly a rare person who brings out the best in people. Whether it’s the impression of her nonstop drive, or positive attitude definitely is an inspiring creator)


Twitter: @The_Moyatorium

(As the mind behind Controversed, this video’s existence is kind of her fault. Moya’s someone who I envy their pure interest in the world and others. It’s really unique ability to share fascinations in an infectious manner)

Jon Spencer:

Twitter: @JS_Reviews

(That’s my dawg. Ideas and analysis are as good as they come, but you really got to appreciate the ability to organize and execute them like no other)

Scott/Mechanical Anime Reviews:

Twitter: @MechAnimeReview

(Everything about Scott is just genuine. Genuine work ethic, genuine passion; a trait that shouldn’t go underappreciated)

I’ve probably wasted enough of your time already, but thank you if you’ve watched the video. I think there’s always a stigma that blogging is for low effort content and any effort is underappreciated over some of our lower efforts. So Shoutout to the 3 of you who are actually going to watch this!

I think next year is going to be interesting. WordPress and the community here have been very kind to me, but I also feel like the evolution of my content and the growth of my audience isn’t going to be happening on WordPress. I don’t know, expect more experimenting and grinding some videos out in the future.

I hope you enjoyed #Controversed, it was a lot of fun to do. I appreciate Moya prompting me an opportunity to churn out some really neat and inventive ideas which wouldn’t and couldn’t have happened without the wonderful people around here.

Alright, that’s enough. Thank you, and as the saying goes “I will see you next time, here at the movies”.

16 thoughts on “#Controversed: 3 Blogging Comment Horror Stories

    1. Glad to hear, we like to have fun here! No problem thanks for the small cameo, I know it’s just one line but it helps vary the video and editing process that it does wonders to me at least.


    1. Thanks so much Rose, I’m glad to hear you thought this was a cool little project. I know she’s amazing isn’t she, so happy I got her aboard because it was an incredible job and I’m glad everyone seems to agree with me on that one.

      I agree, I think it’s a funny comment, I’m so glad I decided to find the humor in being a fake-surgeon and didn’t let it bother me or second guess keeping that post up. I’m glad we could all have a good laugh at some of these comments.

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  1. I notice I forgot a word in my comment! But it was fun to see me pop up! Sorry I could not help further.
    I did not expect that voice from Irina for some reason!

    I must say.. I did not get the Pokémon Covid joke either… I also giggled when you are so kind to Mister Bolt and say.. “Oh how fun you spelled something wrong on purpose” and he just said “you uneducated hillbilly” (though he did it more eloquent). I never get guys like Bolt! Kind of happy for that.. I would not be as nice to them XD

    Very fun video to watch though! I shall like it on Youtube as well!

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed your brief shoutout, don’t worry about! I’m very pleased with the final product and this was all just to have fun with it so I wouldn’t want anyone pushing themselves or being uncomfortable with it. Though you probably won’t like that I considered giving Irina your comments to read but went in the other direction.

      Thank you, it was certainly an interesting interaction. I guess it’s nice that I don’t come across as such an a-hole, knowing I’m sort snarky passive-aggressive sly jerk myself. I’m glad, and believe me these are luckily kind of my only “hate” comments so I’m glad they’re rare.

      Thank you so much for watching, and I consider you a very fun person so I consider you calling it “fun” to be high praise. I saw your comment on YouTube and I will probably comment on that a little later.


  2. Thanks so much, K. I honestly don’t know what to say other then you being endlessly kind.

    This is a fun video and you can tell how much effort you put in. You need a larger audience for your craziness.

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    1. Thanks, I try. Surrounded by good people in many facets of life, guess they rub of on even not great people like myself.
      I’m trying, one video, review, post at a time hopefully more people come but a lot of real ones already here so I appreciate what I already have.

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  3. I’ve been looking forward to this video (not just so I can do my pfp change, of course)! Thank you for the kind shoutout and for inviting me to join this.
    I’ll probably miss your content on here, but I look forward to checking out more of your videos, whichever direction you decide to explore!

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    1. Haha well thank you, I’m glad it’s finally done. I hate and love you for the profile thing, I don’t like it but knowing I would have done the same thing in your shoes I respect it.

      Of course, I could I not invite you to this. It was an honor to have you all one. It means a lot because I’m the smallest creator involved in this so the fact that you guys would come on… it’s probably not for your own benefit. Means a lot that I’m the kind of person or create the kind of content that you’d be willing to help out even if it was just asking for a minor role.

      I mean I don’t plan on leaving WP full send anytime soon, but I do think it might benefit to be making more videos which will decline written output but I’m sure we’ll find what’s best eventually.

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