Well, making America great again was fun while it lasted. I’m sure the political climate has certainly been intense of late, but I think regardless of the results there is certainly a conversation to be had. As a proud Republican voter in 2016 and again in 2020 I don’t think any election result can diminish the impact we had on the nation. My name is Kennard Kelly Kershaw, and I am proud to have helped America strive for greatness.

And I say all this as maybe my most dangerous bit yet, and one that I will not risk continuing past 4 sentences. Because the truth is, nothing from the first paragraph is true. But with it I hope to maybe demonstrate the potential power or effect of controversy. I’m sure that many of you had a reaction to the clickbait of this article. I’m sure that some of my readers may take the first paragraph at face value and began feeling upset, angered, appalled, and maybe even betrayed. Why is that?

I won’t know the ramifications of this until it’s already too late, but I trust my readers to be diligent to get this far and not unfollow me in mass or start relentlessly hating me…because they couldn’t read 2 paragraphs. Or maybe stop and think critically for a second, you might figure out that my parents would have to hate me to give me the initials KKK. Yet, it’s crazy to me that for a split-second no matter what impression you previously had of me. was erased and replaced with whatever association such political affiliation has for you.

Honestly, how did you take that brief revelation that there was a possibility that our political views didn’t match. To me Election Night 2020 was disappointing, and not because of the result. I’m a non-voting moderate (I know for some of you that’s even worse), and I’m glad to see democracy prevail regardless of the outcome. What disappointed me was just how rampant partisan hostility is from both sides. To be blunt, some of y’all kind of be crybabies and sore losers. I apologize for those remarks because I do think a lot of liberals are coming from a place of compassion and conservatives coming from a place of conviction. The reason I say this is because I think people need to at least be more wary of the messages they project online.

I think on Twitter, Facebook and on other online platforms we kind of forget who’s all in the room. I think maybe it is more comparable than you think to comments I saw about fat-shamming. The gist of these statements is you might be using hurtful words to make fun of someone’s weight, even if your intention was just to put down a certain celebrity or person other people will see it and assume you’d disparage their weight as well. You’re comment can be hurtful to people maybe it was never intended to be hurtful to. What I’m trying to get at is, like I demonstrated at the beginning of the post you can’t always tell what side of the fence people are. Often times people internalize negativity, in the same fashion how if the teacher said the entire class did poorly on the test you knew she was talking about yours.

I almost feel that our lack of patience and vitriol towards one another is sort of sending us down the track of almost a Pygmalion effect. The Pygmalion effect is the psychological phenomenon in which our expectations of people can often become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Maybe if we keep calling people: Nazis, snowflakes, racist or just horrible people, they will be less open to form nice relationships across party lines and eventually become more extreme horrible people.

In fairness, you can’t save everyone, and some people deserve to be rightfully called out on their bullshit. Some by nature are just cruel, but are we nurturing hate with each aggression against the other side?

At the end of the day my message is try your best to be kinder to one another (or at the very least be less shitty). That’s something that I hope isn’t too controversial! Outside of some extreme ends of the spectrum a lot of people’s political beliefs and ideologies are well-intended. It’s a fact of life that people are going to have varying opinions or personality types. Not to belittle the affects politics can have but I’d be strange if we casually said, “Introverts are ruining everything” or “I love drinking tall people tears”. To an extent some people identify with their political beliefs as a part of who they are and honestly good for them. We need the passion and motivation of those people to help people like me in the middle actually make decisions.

Reading this I hope we could take away the oldest lesson in the book but, take what you read on the internet with a grain of salt. It’s easy to be led astray by false information or false impressions of people who we will probably never meet in person. I’m not going to tell you how to live your life or what you need to do. My advice if you want to make things better, maybe the way is trying to listen, be open-minded, and an open communicator. I think we can all shoulder the small burden of being a little kinder to one another, and it helps if people like me become a little more vocal on how they feel. Because what can’t really get anything done if it’s just the loudest opinions talking over one another.

To be honest, this should transcend politics. The dividing lines between us are all rather arbitrary. Political affiliation, race, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, religion, nationality I treat them all the same. It’d be kind of lousy to treat someone unjustly for such a superficial reason.

What do you think of controversies? Do you consider yourself or your blog controversial to any degree?

This is all sort of a response to the #Controversed thing that a lot of us writers around here are doing to express our thoughts on controversies. Let me tell you, I hope I’m not kicked out for being… too controversial. Controversies, I think they’re interesting. I kind of avoid controversial topics because I earnestly don’t like upsetting people. Nor do I really have many rigid opinions… you can read my unpopular opinions post which is me try my darnedest to be as irrational and spicy as possible.

Controversies are often dumb, I don’t like how blown out of proportion some of them get, I hate when sometimes petty things could damage someone’s livelihood, and they’re often irksome with how uncivil people tend to be about them. Still, I will often break out the popcorn. Controversies are some of the most interesting discussions on the planet and they are sometimes a gateway into may differently lines of thinking, interpretations, or sensibilities. It can be terrifying that someone can hold such wild beliefs about things and to the lengths they have them but it’s a reminder of how unique and individualized the human experience really is.

Maybe someone will adamantly disagree with me, but I don’t think I am very controversial. I think I can be sensational… this post as a good example. Even when I’ve had my own mini controversies like how to draw the Invisible Man, I don’t think I really exasperate dissention further. I don’t know I think you could ask some of the #AniTwitWatches gang and I think they’ll tell you I’m contemptuous but not controversial. (They won’t admit it, but they know my critiques generate good discussion).

I like to think my character shines through and that readers do appreciate both my honest and earnest presentation (You know except for when I’m not). In a sense I feel that my reputation reflects onto others and that I owe it to the people who associate with me not to tarnish or embarrass their reputation. I would feel awful if someone needed to answer for my actions and felt like they needed to justify to people why I’m not as bad as my controversial rep.

The good thing is that’s usually not a problem. Like to keep it groovy and watch movies here. Like to think I’ve handled criticism well, and know not everyone will or has to like me. I always value your comments, and maybe leave some good ones on this one. Go check out some of the other #Controversed posts, some people are doing some nice write-ups. Maybe I’ll do another one, I’ll see how many followers I lose and death threats I get.

If I’m not #Cancelled then I’ll see you next time, here at the movies!

6 thoughts on “The Elephant in the Room – #CONTROVERSED

  1. The Social Dilemma delves into our brave new world where opinion becomes fact. Anyway, I am a voter because I care about climate policy, equal rights etc. Whatever one’s political persuasion, I appreciate freedom of speech and the right to vote. All the best

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  2. Good thing I noticed how the opening paragraph was clickbait right away. Hahahaha! I would also consider myself nonpartisan and have critiqued people of both parties, but that’s a long story. I do wish people would just be kinder to each other in general. Glad you feel the same way.


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