La Noria was animated beautifully by a Pixar animator, and that says a lot right there. It’s a fantastic short so why not give it a look.

By Carlos Baena

Sort of following in line with tradition, I always find something more wholesome to cap off my spooky viewings. Last year it was Anohana, the first time it was Missing Halloween and when I saw this short I kind of new it was finale material.

But don’t let sentimentality fool you, this short is terrifying. The lighting is dark and dramatic, the monsters are ghoulish, and the sound design is loud and ominous. I think it is a legitimately well executed horror and it combines a lot of the elements I praised in some of the previous shorts. It has compelling creatures that hint at a deeper lore or meaning behind them. There’s iconography that stands out, the Ferris wheel and the Christmas lights. Most profoundly it is more than just a horror meant to frighten you.

Sure the animation is fascinating to see the vivid textures and details but into every aspect. I think even if it was not visually so appealing it would still be a profound little short that can certainly resonant with people. Sometimes the demons we cowherd from, are the ones that are inside of us. Sometimes trying to run away from them only exacerbate our problems. Sometimes the only way to escape the dark, is to wait for the light of another day to come.

Happy Halloween everyone, stay spooky and I’ll see you next time at the movies!

3 thoughts on “Have a Happy Halloween with ‘La Noria’

  1. This just looks super creepy. May have to save this to watch with my nephews lol. Never even heard of this before, so thanks for bringing it to our attention, K! 🙂

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    1. Haha I don’t know how young the Nephew’s are but I do think it is super creepy but has a nice little message as well. So I hope you all do enjoy if you get around to it.

      Part of the joy of 31 Spooks and blogging in general is getting to endorse different media and creators and giving people and help people find things they’d be interested in that they’d maybe never heard of before. Your welcome and comments like this one really mean a lot so thank you as well.

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      1. They’re 17, 19 respectively, so it’ll be fine haha. I’m the only chicken in the family LOL.


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